Are ACM articles peer-reviewed?

Are ACM articles peer-reviewed?

Facilitating Innovation & Discovery ACM’s high-impact, peer-reviewed journals publish emerging and established computing research for both practical and theoretical applications. ACM publishes more than 50 scholarly peer-reviewed journals in dozens of computing and information technology disciplines.

Is ACM Digital Library a journal?

An interdisciplinary research journal on the potential and impact of technology on governance innovations and public institutions.

How do I find my ACM papers?

To ensure you are searching only the full text of the ACM Digital Library, start by running a search at On the top left of your search results will indicate if your search results are within “Publications of the ACM and Affiliated Organizations” or within the “The ACM Guide to Computing Literature”.

Is ACM Digital Library credible?

In an effort to expand and enhance access to the ACM Digital Library, the computing industry’s most trusted resource for high quality scholarly and practitioner-oriented information, for its nearly 1,500,000 individual users, ACM has now launched a new service that enables end users at subscribing institutions to …

How do I publish to ACM?

ACM is committed to publishing in an accessible format ( that permits all its readers to have the content presented to them in a thorough and useful way. ACM needs the assistance of its authors to help achieve this goal.

Are ACM conferences good?

The ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) series of academic conferences is generally considered the most prestigious in the field of human-computer interaction.

Why publish with ACM?

ACM publishes more than 50 scholarly peer-reviewed journals in dozens of computing and information technology disciplines. ACM journal editors are thought leaders in their fields, and ACM’s emphasis on rapid publication ensures minimal delay in communication of exciting new ideas and discoveries.

What is the scope of the Journal of the ACM?

The Journal of the ACM (JACM) provides coverage of the most significant work on principles of computer science, broadly construed. The scope of research covered encompasses contributions of lasting value to any area of computer science. To be accepted, a paper must be judged to be truly outstanding in its field.

What is ACM’s policy on plagiarism?

ACM has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, inappropriate author credit, falsification of data and other unethical behaviors that may occur in the writing of a journal article. COPE has many useful tools for journal editors to use to help an editor deal with the type of situations that are listed above.

How do I submit a journal proposal to ACM?

Peruse ACM’s list of special issues. Complete our journal proposal form to submit a proposal for a new publication.