Are Arsenal guns good?

Are Arsenal guns good?

An unconventional pistol in both appearance and function, the Arsenal Strike One 9mm is accurate, well-designed and impressive. The mechanical design allows a very low bore axis, which is one reason the pistol feels good, shoots flat and is so controllable.

Where are Archon pistols made?

Archon Firearms acts as an importer and distributor for the United States: the Archon Firearms Type B pistol is indeed manufactured in Europe, more specifically in Germany. Caliber is 9mm Luger, and the magazine holds fifteen rounds overall.

Who owns Archon Firearms?

The Company’s rebranding – for the US market only – is due to a potential trademark problem. The issue does not affect the EU market, where the brand name will remain the same. Arsenal Firearms USA now becomes Archon Firearms.

Where is Arsenal Firearms made?

Arsenal Firearms originally produced the AF1 Strike One in Italy. Newer STRYK-A of similar dimensions and the more compact STRYK-B (as well as the American variant, Archon Type B), are now manufactured by Swiss company RUAG in Germany and Hungary.

Who is Archon Firearms?

Archon Firearms is an innovation-driven firearms company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that is committed to providing apex shooting enthusiasts and U.S. warfighters and peacekeepers with high-performance products.

Who made the Archon Type B?

Archon is the US component of European gun manufacturer, Arsenal Firearms Group (AFG). AFG is known for its innovative firearm design. Their full-size 9mm handgun, the Stryk One was released in 2012 and if you were cool enough to shoot one, you probably loved it.

What is af Speedlock?

The AF-Speedlock® is a real technical innovation. It is a unique locking system for pistols which prevents the barrel from being tilted during the recurring operation of the gun: a fork-shaped locking block is pulled downwards in the shot by means of a control cam, thus releasing the carriage.

How many weapons are in Arsenal?

Hub for all of the Arsenal weapon pages. 145 weapons are used in all modes. Weapon names in green, are exclusive to ROLVe staff.

Does the Archon type B have a safety?

Archon Type B Controls The shoe doesn’t have a trigger safety tab to distract, though the Type B still has a trigger safety to keep the trigger from moving when dropped. Because of the trigger safety design, we call the Type B a 2.5-stage trigger, as the take-up has sort of two stages.

What is Archon Type B?

The Flagship pistol of Archon Firearms, the Type B, features the ground-breaking AF-Speedlock technology. This new unique style of barrel lockup allows the firearm to sit lower in the hand providing the lowest bore axis of any current production pistol. Match-grade traditionally rifled barrel coated in black nitride.

What is the Stryk B 9mm handgun?

The STRYK B 9 mm handgun is based on the original technical design of the Strike One pistol and lifts its outstanding functionality to the next stage of development.

Is the Stryk the best pistol in the game?

Even when fully upgraded, the STRYK has the second-lowest damage per shot of all the pistols. Still, its main advantage and the factor that sets it apart from other weapons in its class is its unique, fully automatic firing mode. The STRYK has a very high rate of fire that compensates for its low damage per bullet.

How does the Stryk B pistol work?

The STRYK B pistol is equipped with the unique AF-Speedlock, which ensures that the handgun’s 4.3-inch barrel cycles in a straight line from front to rear without tilting. The weapon is locked by vertical movement of the locking block, which is not firmly attached to the barrel. Advantages of the technical construction of the STRYK B pistol:

What is the Stryk?

“Stryk” is Swedish for “a beating”. The STRYK appears in the trailer for the heist No Mercy even though it was not available at that time. The STRYK is the only pistol that causes one’s perspective to zoom in when aiming down the sight.