Are Cecilio saxophones good?

Are Cecilio saxophones good?

It’s by no means a well-known sax brand, but it can still create a good solid sound when played properly. On top of that, it’s a lightweight instrument and provides an even intonation, especially in the mid-register which is where the beginner saxophonist will spend most of their playing time.

Is Mendini a good saxophone?

Mendini by Cecilio Tenor Saxophone We suggest this flute if you’re just starting to play saxophone since it is a very good saxophone overall and it has a very reasonable price tag and it produces a very solid sound. So, it might be a good idea to look for other options if you’re a professional saxophone player.

Is Jupiter a good saxophone?

Jupiter saxophones are durable, affordable and sound great! If you’re looking for a reliable beginner or intermediate saxophone, Jupiter is worth a look. A larger bell and rolled-style tone holes contribute to the sound qualities of this instrument that many compare to some of the great vintage horns of the past.

What are the best saxophone mouthpieces?

If you master this mouthpiece you can get the vintage sound as advertised, and blow a little harder for a bright, rockin’ sound. The D’Addario has the same hard rubber feel as the Jody Jazz mouthpiece but with different characteristics. Selmer is a popular saxophone brand that’s well-known for their high-quality instruments.

Why choose saxquest mouthpieces?

Here at Saxquest we strive to only stock quality mouthpieces, both vintage and modern. We are very selective of what we carry, which is why you won’t see a million different brands. What you will see is a selection of what we believe to be the very best of what is available today. New products are extensively play tested before we make a decision.

Are saxquest clarinet pieces played and measured?

Both new and vintage pieces are played and measured, always to make sure you never buy a piece from us that ends up being “a dud”. We also have an increasing array of quality new and used clarinet mouthpieces. Again, Saxquest is extremely sensitive to finding the best mouthpieces on the market today.

What is a Graftonite tenor sax mouthpiece?

The Graftonite tenor sax mouthpiece is made of Graftonite, which is a hard material that won’t crack easily. The Graftonite mouthpiece is a middle of the road mouthpiece between warm and bright professional pieces. You can get a nice tone that is neither dark nor bright.