Are Danby portable air conditioners good?

Are Danby portable air conditioners good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great so far My Danby portable AC unit arrived today – I’ve hooked it up and it runs great, cools quickly and is much quieter than my old window unit. The unit is fairly quiet – much quieter than my six year old window unit.

Do Danby portable air conditioners need to be drained?

Danby’s most recent line of air conditioners does not need a drain in the back as most of the previous models did. These newer units use the water generated by the unit to cool the condenser coils which, in turn, evaporates the water that has accumulated.

Does Danby make good air conditioners?

We reviewed several efficient window air conditioners, but the Danby DAC060BGUWDB stands out from the group. It also a has a good combination of features that allow it to cool a room of up to 250 square feet. The air conditioner comes with a remote, so you can control its features from anywhere in the room.

Are Danby portable air conditioners quiet?

This chic and ultra quiet air conditioner from Danby Appliances will keep you cool as can be when the summer heat and humidity attempt to invade your home. The energy-saving auto on/off feature allows you to schedule the appliance to start and stop whenever you choose.

Where is Danby air conditioners made?

The company manufactures in China. GUELPH — Walk into any Walmart or Costco in Canada or the United States, and you’ll see Danby appliances lining the aisles, from compact freezers to microwaves to portable air conditioners.

How do I make my Danby air conditioner colder?

The Danby up and down directional buttons govern the thermostat levels. If you press the up directional button, you adjust the thermostat up to a warmer temperature. If you press the down directional button, you adjust the thermostat down to a colder temperature. The directional buttons also control the timer function.

Who makes Danby AC?

Danby Appliances Inc.
Danby is the brand name of a line of appliances marketed by Danby Appliances Inc. and Danby Appliances Ltd., led by President and CEO, Jim Estill….Danby (appliances)

Type Private
Key people Jim Estill (President and CEO)

Are Danby air conditioner self evaporating?

An air conditioner, dehumidifier and 3 speed fan all in one, this model is built with unique technology that increases system efficiency and reduces energy usage. In AC mode, this unit evaporates water generated which means no emptying heavy buckets.

Why choose a Danby® portable air conditioner?

Take the cool air with you with a Danby® portable air conditioners. Use it for your bedroom or for your living room, the portable air conditioner can follow you to keep you cool during the hot summer months. We offer a variety of sizes and capacities to fit any home. They are made to be dependable and come with many standard features.

Where are Danby AC’s made?

There are Danby production facilities located in Mexico, China, and the US with office locations in Ohio, Foxboro, Findlay, and Guangzhou. In addition to selling ACs, the company specializes in a wide range of home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ice makers, and more. The Danby AC Range Explained

What is the best portable air conditioner for a small house?

Danby DAC060EB1WDB The Danby 6000 BTU air conditioner is another portable unit, but this one is the more ideal choice for cooling down a small space. Not every homeowner needs a powerful 14K AC, and this is where the DAC060EB1WDB model comes into play.

Does the Danby thermostat come with a remote?

It depends on the unit, but all Danby units come with a clearly labeled control panel, and most of them also come with an additional remote controller. You can adjust the temperature using either one, plus you can control all other device features like timers and settings.