Are mini pupillages hard to get?

Are mini pupillages hard to get?

They are a short version of a pupillage which can run from anything between one day to two weeks. However, like pupillages, they are hard to obtain. You can find out if a chambers offers mini-pupillages by simply accessing their website.

Why have you applied for a mini pupillage?

Mini pupillages are also advantageous in that that they enable you to: Determine whether a career at the Bar is right for you. Gain insight into the specific practice areas of a barrister (for example, criminal or commercial practice) and what is right for you.

How do you secure mini-pupillage?

The most straightforward way to secure one is to go to the chambers website and take a look at their individual policy on taking on mini pupils – some high-profile sets such as Matrix Chambers do not offer them, preferring Open Days for prospective applicants instead.

How do you impress a mini pupil?

Top 5 Tips: Mini-Pupillages

  1. Ask questions. Show your interest in the role by asking about points of law, relevant practice areas and even about the lifestyle of barristers practising in that field.
  2. Leave a good impression. This comes down to common sense.
  3. Defeat the Paperwork.
  4. Show an Interest in Smaller Cases.
  5. Be Yourself.

Do you get paid for a mini-pupillage?

While all sets featured in Chambers Student offer minis, be aware that some only offer them as part of the pupillage application process rather than to a broader audience. Minis are usually unpaid, though travel and accommodation expenses may be covered.

How do you secure a mini pupillage?

How do I start a legal cover letter?

The best law cover letter examples have a clear structure, such as:

  1. The introduction to your cover letter.
  2. A paragraph on why you want to work at that law firm.
  3. A paragraph highlighting why you’re a good fit for the law firm.
  4. The ending to your law covering letter.

What happens during a mini-pupillage?

Mini-pupillages are short periods of time (generally between three days and one week) spent shadowing barristers in chambers. They may involve attending court and conferences (meetings with solicitors and lay clients), completing small research or drafting tasks and discussing your supervisor’s current cases.

What do you wear to a mini-pupillage?

Most barristers choose to wear a dark suit (usually black, navy blue or dark grey) and a white or other light coloured shirt. Men wear ties. Women sometimes wear a black dress and jacket.

How do you write a covering letter for a pupillage application?

Writing a covering letter for a pupillage application requires time and thought, especially if you want to get it right and more importantly if you want it read. The starting point in my opinion is to really research your chosen Chambers. Identify the strengths and the experience of…

How to make your pupillage application stand out from the competition?

However, you can make your application stand out by producing a flawless application cover letter that will maximise your chances to secure a pupillage interview. To help you on the way, we have put together our top tips and advice on how to draft a pupillage cover letter.

How to write a cover letter for a mini-pupillage?

1) Cover letter should be fairly short if you are also including a CV. Just one or two lines introducing yourself and then a short paragraph explaining why you are interested in a mini-pupillage at the set in question. 2) Is this in the CV itself?

How many pupillages are available each year?

With only 600 pupillages being made available each year, the competition for these lucrative pupillages could not be anymore fierce. However, you can make your application stand out by producing a flawless application cover letter that will maximise your chances to secure a pupillage interview.