Are park tools worth it?

Are park tools worth it?

Park Tools are pretty good, but definitely not always the best (see other comments for examples). Some of their stuff is really good, some just OK. But in my experience, none of them are bad, so I don’t mind spending a little more for a tool that I know will last and won’t suck.

Is Park Tool good quality?

It’s quality/durability/longevity that marks ParkTool as the leader – yes the SRPs appear high but most items can be found at substantially less cost. Some alternative brand tools just don’t cut it …. we’ve snapped two alternative “known brand” chain splitters in the last week – we’ve ordered a Park replacement.

Who makes Park Tool wrenches?

It manufactures about 4000 products that range from wheel truing stands to hex wrenches….Park Tool.

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Key people Eric Hawkins Sara Carlson
Products Bicycle tools

Where are park tools made?

Paul, Minnesota
Paul, Minnesota. Suffice it to say, we were rather impressed. Whereas most manufacturing companies these days outsource all of their production overseas, Park still produces most of its tools—85-percent to be exact—right in its 45,000-square-foot facility. The distribution warehouse.

Are Park Tool Made in USA?

Now over 50 years later, the Park Tool world headquarters is still located in St. Paul Minnesota, home of their engineering, design, manufacturing, and assembly teams. Park Tool remains the industry leader in bicycle tools with an American made product that consumers can trust and enjoy working with.

Is Park Tool Made in the USA?

Which Park Tool Chain Checker is best?

Park Tool currently offers three chain wear checking tools. The new CC-4 is certainly the best of the bunch, but I also like the CC-3.2 (for non-SRAM chains). Birzman Chain Checker in use.