Are PAX wardrobes any good?

Are PAX wardrobes any good?

Are the IKEA Pax wardrobes worth it? Yes, the IKEA Pax wardrobes are definitely worth the investment. You can organize and customize your closet space under a budget. The quality is also nice and sturdy.

Can you cut PAX sliding doors?

We can cut down your PAX sliding door or hinged door wardrobe to fit into a smaller gap for a stunning wall to wall effect.

What doors work with PAX?

The PAX system offers two types of sliding doors: solid or panelled. Both types are sold in pairs and are available in two different sizes: 150cm wide and 200cm wide. You can use multiple sliding doors but they must be used in pairs.

How long does it take to put a PAX wardrobe together?

So, Saturday was Build The Pax day. It took about 7.5 hours to do both sections but was so worth it to have a nice, organized,.

Can you shorten IKEA PAX?

To answer your question, yes, you can cut down the PAX wardrobe.

Can you replace IKEA PAX doors?

If you have an IKEA PAX wardrobe there is another option. Replacement doors. The PAX wardrobe system is made up of multiple components which can be purchased separately. So instead of replacing the whole wardrobe, you can just buy replacement doors to match your new room which is much cheaper and a whole lot easier.

Do PAX wardrobes come with shelves?

With the PAX system, you can have as many shelves as you like. If you want a whole section of your wardrobe to be designated for shelves then you can. The Komplement shelves come in three different sizes to suit the width of your wardrobe.

How do I buy a PAX wardrobe plan?

How to design your perfect PAX wardrobe

  1. Step 1 – choose the frames. You first need to measure the space you have – from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall.
  2. Step 2 – choose doors, knobs and handles.
  3. Step 3 – choose interior organizers.
  4. Step 4 – choose interior lighting.
  5. Step 5 – buy in the PAX planner tool (optional)

Can PAX wardrobes be freestanding?

You can use them as free-standing units or use them to customize almost any size closet. You can use them in a primary bedroom with a standard closet and then use them in a children’s room or craft room if you move to a bigger house with a custom closet or larger primary closet.

Are PAX sliding doors good?

Now that it is built, it looks fantastic with lots of storage space. The cupboard and shelves and drawers are pretty easy to put together. The doors are a lot harder to put together (with some scary finger stuff getting caught when they tell you to assemble a portion of this flat).

What is the depth of Ikea PAX wardrobe?

Remember that PAX are not custom units- you will need to work with their existing frame sizes. You can choose between widths of 39.4″, 29.5″, or 19.8″. The depths available are 13.7″ or 22.8″- but if you want to use hangers in your unit then you need to work with the 22.8″ depth.

How long does it take to build Ikea PAX wardrobe?

For the average person it takes about five and a half hours, Perdomo said, while it takes her or another pro an hour and a half to two hours.

How to prevent shelf sag in large Pax wardrobes?

Measure the sagging shelf to find the midpoint and mark that point with a pencil or piece of tape.

  • Determine the distance between shelves (height) and write that exact number down.
  • Measure the depth of the sagging shelf and write that number next to the height.
  • Obtain a 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) plywood plank.
  • What is a Pax closet system?

    – Isn’t very intrusive – Can be set up in different configurations – Has a sturdy design

    What is a Pax closet?

    Go into an IKEA store to design your closet.

  • Choose the delivery option for your IKEA PAX closet.
  • Select the option to have IKEA set up your closet for you.
  • M easure everything ahead of time.
  • Think about other elements you can tie together.