Are VHT amps good?

Are VHT amps good?

The VHT Special 6 guitar amplifiers are affordable, hand-wired, and well-built tubular amps. Even with its simple dual-knob configuration, they deliver enough versatility to play almost anything and accommodate most guitars. What is this? They have great clean tones and function until the near break-up tone.

Where are VHT amps made?

Most of the VHT amps are now hand-built in China, while Fryette amps are built in North Hollywood, California.

Who makes VHT amplifiers?

Steven Fryette
Fryette Amplification of North Hollywood, California is a manufacturer of high-quality hand built electric guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, power amplifiers, sound effects pedals and pedalboard accessories….Fryette Amplification.

Formerly VHT Amplification
Owner Steven Fryette
Website Official Fryette Amplification Web Site

What are VHT amps?

VHT produces a wide range of guitar amps, from the premium Standard Series tube amps to the wildly affordable hand-wired Special Series, which sound amazing out of the box but also make for great DIY mod platforms.

What happened to VHT amps?

On January 1, 2009 the company name changed to Steven Fryette Design, Inc. Under the brand, Fryette Amplification, the company continues to manufacture all of the products that were current under the VHT name.

How do hybrid tube amps work?

Hybrid Amps Essentially, a hybrid amp has a tube preamp section and a solid state power section. This one uses 12AX7 tubes for the preamp stage but boosts the signal in the power amp stage using a transistor rather than tubes.

When did VHT change to Fryette?

The winds of change will be gusting through VHT amplification: from 1st January 2009 the brand name will be changed to Fryette Amplification.