At what price do Hermanos Conde guitars start at?

At what price do Hermanos Conde guitars start at?

“The business started with the uncle of my grandfather in 1915,” says Conde, who today works alongside her father, brother, and one other craftsman in the workshop where they create classical and flamenco guitars that retail from €2,355 to €12,000 ($2,700 to $14,000).

What is a Conde guitar?

‘. Certainly no other name in flamenco guitars is quite as well known as Conde, and the reason is actually pretty simple – no other guitars are played by as many of the top flamenco players in Spain.

What guitar is used for flamenco?

FLAMENCO NEGRA GUITAR The guitar Flamenca Negra differs from that of the guitar Flamenca Blanca by the woods used in the construction of the body. The back and sides of a Flamenco Negra guitar are made of denser woods, such as rosewood.

What guitar did Paco de Lucia play?

Paco de Lucía’s guitar, current model FC 28, has an incalculable value. It takes two months to build it entirely by hand, maintaining the same quality of sound, the sound of best selected rosewood.

Is Ramirez a good guitar?

Ramirez Guitars is a Spanish manufacturer of concert-quality, professional flamenco and classical guitars. Founded in 1882, with an experience of more than 135 years, this manufacturer has been producing only top-notch products in the musical world.

Where are Alhambra guitars made?

Established in 1965, with 50 years of experience in the construction of guitars, Alhambra’s factory space is a massive 14.000 square meters in Alicante, Spain. So forget about quaint sheds in which single luthiers spend countless hours at their craft. This brand caters to thousands of buyers worldwide.

Who made Paco de Lucía’s guitar?

Hermanos Conde
This guitar from the firm Hermanos Conde, year 1980, built in the landmark workshop at 7 Gravina street by the nephews of master guitar maker Domingo Esteso, then run by the brothers Faustino and Mariano Conde, has been part of the personal collection of the master, occasionally using it in his concerts since it was …

Who is Hermanos Conde?

After their father´s death in 1989, Felipe and Mariano Conde took over the workshop, maintaining the brand “Hermanos Conde”, whose popularity became widespread all around the world.

What happened to Felipe and Mariano Conde?

In 2010 both brothers decided to split and work separately: Felipe started working in Arrieta Street, and Mariano in Amnistía Street, both of them in Madrid, where the guitar making tradition continues with their own name. Flamenco guitar Mariano Conde Mod. “Poema” nº32 2014

Where does Mariano Conde work?

After having worked together in 7 Gravina Street, Mariano Conde decided to work on his own in Felipe V Street, Madrid, where he taught his children, Mariano and Felipe Conde, the art of guitar making. These two children learnt so much that they managed to take over the workshop until 2010.

When will my Felipe Conde guitar ship?

Paco de Lucía, Sabicas, Niño Ricardo, Tomatito, Paco Cepero, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen or Al Di Meola have played our guitars. All online orders placed during this period (14-20 of August) will be shipped on August 21. Thanks for Free Shipping for all Felipe Conde guitars – till the end of summer 2020!