Can I still use Hotmail instead of Outlook?

Can I still use Hotmail instead of Outlook?

If you still have a Hotmail account, don’t worry, it will still be the same and will still work. To make the move from Hotmail to, log into your Hotmail account, click Options and choose “Free Upgrade to”

Can I access my old Hotmail account?

The only way to access your old Hotmail account is through the Outlook web app. If you can’t log in to your Hotmail account, use Microsoft’s account recovery form to access your account. If the issue persists, link your old Hotmail account to your new email client.

How can I recover my Hotmail account?

Go to, and enter the Hotmail address you want to recover. Then type in the email address that Microsoft can use to contact you. Confirm your contact email address, check the security code and follow the on-screen steps to complete the process. Microsoft should get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I switch back to Hotmail from Outlook?

Click the Settings icon (represented by a gear icon) in the top-right corner,and select Switch Back to Hotmail.

  • You will be given the option to send feedback to the site. Once you select your option,you will be redirected to the old Windows Live experience.
  • Simply click Hotmail in the upper toolbar to view your inbox.
  • How do I create a Microsoft account without an email?

    Close Outlook.

  • Click the Windows key and then type Run.
  • In the Run window,type Outlook.exe/PIM and then click OK. This will create a new profile in Outlook without an email account.
  • How to reply and forward emails without signature in outlook?

    – Open your Outlook Account. – Then select the email that you want to forward. – After that go to the Home tab. – Select the More Respond Action in the Respond group. – Now, click on the Forward As Attachment. – Enter the recipient email address in the option. – Then after defining the reason for forwarding click on the Send option.

    How to access Windows Live Hotmail with Outlook?

    Make sure you have a subscription for the Windows Live Hotmail account you want to access offline.

  • Select Tools > Email Accounts from the menu in Outlook.
  • Make sure Add a new email account is selected.
  • Click Next .
  • Choose HTTP as the Server Type .
  • Click Next again.