Can I use a submersible pump in a shallow well?

Can I use a submersible pump in a shallow well?

Submersible pumps are installed in a well with a pipe that goes down the well and connects to the top of the pump where water is discharged. Submersible pumps are selected based on the flow and pressure required and can be installed in shallow wells of just a few feet deep or in wells over a thousand feet deep!

What size pump do I need for a shallow well?

For wells that are 25 feet deep or less, a shallow well pump, also referred to as a “jet” pump, is the best choice. Wells that are deeper than 25 feet require a deep well pump. Shallow well pumps can pump from depths up to 25 feet at a rate of between 6 and 12 gallons per minute.

How deep will a shallow well pump work?

How Deep is Your Well? Shallow Well Jet Pumps can pump water from 0′ to 25′ deep. Convertible Well Jet Pumps pump water from 0′ to 90′ deep. A Convertible Well Jet Pump can operate between 0′ to 25′ with a shallow jet well nozzle or between 25′ to 90′ deep with an ejector assembly.

Do I need a pressure tank for a shallow well pump?

A pressure tank is important because it keeps water pressure at a constant level. It also keeps the water and air separated. Without these features the water pump would turn on and off quickly – a problem caused cycling – which can quickly burn out the pump motor.

How deep should a submersible pump be in a well?

Submersible well pumps should never be at the bottom of a well. Instead, they should be placed 10 to 20 feet from the bottom of the well. How deep the submersible pump is in the well will depend on the size of the well itself. When installing a submersible well pump, there are several factors that go into the process.

What is the difference between a shallow well pump and a shallow well jet pump?

One pipe between water source and pump indicates a shallow well pump, two pipes a deep well pump. A shallow well jet pump can pump water from 0′ to 25′ deep. A convertible well jet pumps water from 0′-90′ deep.

What is a shallow well pump?

Shallow well pumps are found in applications where the well is less than 25′ deep and operate as above-ground well pumps. This style of pump is not submersible and is placed outside the well in a well housing. A feature you should look for is overload protection, which prevents motor burnout.

How many gallons per minute does a 1 hp pump?

The typical efficiency of most hydraulic equipment runs at about 60 percent to 75 percent. One horsepower equals 3,960 gallons/minute/feet.