Can I withdraw money from M-Shwari before maturity?

Can I withdraw money from M-Shwari before maturity?

Did you know that you can withdraw funds from the lock savings account M-Shwari before the maturity period? However, you can only receive the requested amount after 48 hours. Customers have the option of either withdrawing the entire amount “Break Lock” or making a partial withdrawal of the funds “Partial Lock”.

What is the M-Shwari limit?

Access loan limits from as low as Ksh. 100 and up to Ksh. 50,000. Enjoy a one month repayment period.

What happens when you default M-Shwari loan?

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that once you default on your M-Shwari loan for more than 60 days (2 months), your loan limit reduces. If you default for more than 90 days (3 months), your loan limit is cancelled to 0. The same applies to those who default for more than 120 days (4 months).

Is CRB suspended?

“The CBK announces the suspension for a period of twelve months, of the listing of negative credit information for borrowers with loans below Sh5 million, whose loans were performing previously, but have become non-performing from October 1, 2021,” the regulator announced on Monday.

How do I know who listed me in CRB?

How do you check if you are listed on CRB? Dial the USSD code *433# on your phone. If you are an unregistered user of Metropol, you will first pay Sh100 for registration services. You can pay the fee using M-Pesa, or seek payment instructions on SMS.

How can I increase my M-Shwari loan limit from zero?

7 Sure Ways To Qualify For/Increase Your Mobile Loan Limit [2022]

  1. Use mobile payments frequently.
  2. Do not delete mobile payment SMS messages.
  3. Activate your social media status.
  4. Invest in a reliable smartphone device.
  5. Earlier loan repayments.
  6. Request for a loan occasionally.
  7. Save frequently.

How do I increase my loan limit on M-Shwari?


  1. Increase activity on your Mshwari Account by moving money in and out of your account.
  2. Increase savings on your MShwari Account.
  3. Increase usage of M-PESA services.

How do I clear with CRB Kenya?

To get a CRB clearance:

  1. Contact any of the CRB companies listed below.
  2. They will provide you with an online form to Fill.
  3. You will then have to pay Ksh. 2,200.
  4. Wait for your information to be processed.
  5. You will receive your clearance if you do not have any loan default.

How long can you be listed in CRB?

5 years
How long is a default listing retained on CRB? A default listing s retained on CRB for 5 years from the last date of payment.

How do I decline my M-Shwari account?

You should click on “Decline” on the M-Shwari menu if you do not agree with the terms and conditions. Upon maturity, you will receive a notification SMS from M-Shwari informing you of the amount you saved and the interest earned.

What is the M-Shwari service?

But since this is a Loans Website we will focus on the loans part of the M-Shwari Service. Safaricom and CBA are the main corporations that offer M-Shwari to allow the people who use Mpesa to borrow loans and save money at very low interest rates.

How much is the limit of a loan in mshwari?

For example, a loan of Ksh 1000 for a duration of a month will be paid back with the interests of Ksh 75. The limit of the loan that you can get is guided by the amount of money that you save with MShwari. The loan does not require any security and there is no minimum balance for an M-Shwari account.

What is an M-Shwari lock savings account?

M-Shwari lock savings account allows M-Pesa clients to set aside some funds for a specific purpose within a specified amount of time. This account is ideal for customers looking for high-interest rates and those that wish to keep their money safely for a period of between one to six months.