Can MaaS360 see your screen?

Can MaaS360 see your screen?

Can I see my users’ private information or data on their personal mobile devices (BYOD)? No, IBM MaaS360 does not have access to personal data (e.g., emails, SMS or photos).

How do I change my password in MaaS360?

Changing the password for your account

  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, hover on the. Portal Profile icon.
  2. Click Change Password to change your password.
  3. Enter a password of your choice or click Generate a Strong Password, and then click Save.

What is MaaS360 used for?

The IBM® MaaS360 App Catalog 3.0 provides an intuitive enterprise app catalog for Android devices that allows users to view, install, and rate apps.

What companies use MaaS360?

Who uses IBM MaaS360?

Company Website Country
MSL France
VMware Inc United States

How do I change users in MaaS360?

From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Users > Directory….

  1. Change Authentication Type: Changes the user authentication type.
  2. Delete User: Permanently deletes the user account.

What is corporate ID for MaaS360?

Description. Set Corporate Identifier. Corporate identifier for the organization that is displayed in the enrollment URLs sent to the users to enroll their devices in MaaS360.

How do I get rid of MaaS360?

How do I remove maas360 from my Android Device?

  1. Find the MaaS360 app in the application menu, Tap on it to open.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on the app menu (three vertical dots) located on the top right corner, and select the Remove MDM Control.
  4. A pop-up message will be shown.

Is MaaS360 a MDM?

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management is an easy-to-use MDM platform with the essential functionality for the entire lifecycle management of today’s mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.