Can you save Harper and Farid?

Can you save Harper and Farid?

The choice may seem inconsequential at first—well, except to Harper—but it actually has a ripple effect that can drastically change the ending of the game. If you decide to let Harper live, Farid will die and therefore he will not be present on the USS Obama when Menendez attacks it.

How do you save karma in Odysseus?

At the end of the mission when you, chasing DeFalco, go outside and get closer to your target for not less than 100 meters (picture above), it will mean taking another decision – you can catch up with DeFalco and kill him, which means saving Karma, or let him get away with her.

How do you save Harper’s face?

If you want to burn Harper, drive on the left side. Harper’s burn will remain on his face till the end of the campaign (pictures above). If you don’t want Harper to get burnt, stay as close to the right side as you can. Harper will escape the facial burn (pictures above).

What happens if I shoot Harper?

If you kill Harper (first picture above), Menendez will leave this place, while Farid will briefly lose consciousness after the plane explosion. When Mason arrives at the place, a depressed Farid will tell him what happened (second picture above), while Mason will close Harper’s eyes (third picture above).

How do you save Admiral Briggs?

Admiral Briggs survived & re-activated USS Obama’s defenses If you shoot in the leg (picture above) or arm, there will be a chance to save the ship. It will now depend on the completion of a strike-force missions.

How do I save Chloe Lynch?

If the player catches up to DeFalco and kills him, Chloe is secured and taken to U.S.S. Barack Obama. If the player does not make it to DeFalco in time, she is taken captive in Yemen, where she can optionally be rescued by completing Second Chance.

Who is Farid bo2?

Farid (Arabic: فريد) is a playable character in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II campaign. Not only is Farid the tech expert of SEAL Team Six as he guides the team through Colossus in “Karma”, he is also a mole in Cordis Die under deep-cover for the C.I.A..

Did Reznov save Mason in the desert?

Reznov dismounted and offered Mason a drink of water. In 2025, David Mason and Frank Woods discussed how Alex Mason credited Reznov with saving their lives in the desert on that day.