Can you strip parquet floors?

Can you strip parquet floors?

Chemically strip your flooring if you really want to avoid sanding. Buy a high-grade chemical product and be sure to use a respirator while applying. Should scratches be observed following the stripping you may want to consider sanding them off.

What is the best finish for parquet flooring?

Parquet Flooring Finishes Having a matt finish gives an elegant, natural, less glossy coating to your floor. Matt Lacquer looks more like an oil or wax finish, but is more resistant to scratches. This is the most popular way to finish your floor.

What is woodstoxx flooring?

Woodstoxx is known in the world of parquet flooring as a top player in terms of quality and installation. If you have your floor installed by Woodstoxx, you can be sure that the installation will be done according to the art of posing parquet. What are the advantages of a wooden floor?

What is parquet flooring?

Parquet is a floor that is alive and that can age, making it full of character. Also with aging, a parquet floor becomes more beautiful because it gets more and more character. Secondly, a parquet floor is ecological and future-proof. A parquet floor wears out slowly and can be sanded and treated with varnish or oil.

What is herringbone parquet flooring?

A herringbone parquet consists of elongated planks, usually made of oak. Characteristic of herringbone parquet is that the planks are laid against each other in a V-shape. This creates a sort of ‘arrow’ in the floor. The floor can run from wall to wall. A correct installation does require the necessary expertise.

What is multilayer parquet flooring?

Multilayer parquet consists of a solid wooden top layer, glued to a bottom layer in plywood or block board. The top layer varies from 3 mm to 6 mm of solid wood. These boards are usually finished beforehand and can be glued directly to the surface.