Did Yolanda lie Kyle?

Did Yolanda lie Kyle?

Yolanda may be at peace with David and the drama from their divorce, but she still hasn’t forgiven her co-stars for an incident at Kyle Richards house! While the other women were in hair and makeup, Yolanda went to lie down in the car to “conserve energy until they’re ready for me on set.”

What did Lisa say about Kyle Season 4?

2014. Lisa and Kyle’s friendship hit a major rough patch during season 4 when Brandi alleged that Lisa wanted to bring magazines featuring stories about Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, being unfaithful to Kyle on the cast trip to Puerto Rico. (Both Kyle and Mauricio also denied he was unfaithful to her.)

Are Joyce and Kyle friends?

“She’s one of my best friends,” Giraud said. “My kids call her auntie Lisa and they adore Uncle Ken. I did connect with Kyle while filming but after filming I didn’t hear from her much. I do see Mauricio at our golf club and he’s so sweet.

What is happening with Beverly Hills housewives?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are still recovering from the four-part season 11 reunion that wrapped up in November 2021, but the ladies are already hard at work on season 12. Filming for the new episodes began in October 2021, and Bravo has since confirmed that the entire season 11 cast will be back.

Why did Lisa Vanderpump fall out with Cedric?

Allegedly, Lisa asked Cedric to get back together with her friend Lance Bass. Cedric previously dated Lance, but they broke up when he caught the former band member cheating.

Is Lisa Vanderpump friends with Yolanda?

“I’ve met Lisa Vanderpump two or three times at Mohamed Hadid’s house, but I’m not actually friends with any of the women. Interestingly, none of them really care about interacting with me off camera.” The mom-of-two recalled a nasty experience she had with Taylor Armstrong during the show’s third season in 2012.

Is Lisa Vanderpump still friends with PK?

While Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley were once close friends, it’s safe to say the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” costars are no longer on good terms. If you believe I gave the story we don’t have a friendship,” Vanderpump said on the show (per People).

Who is the best housewife of Beverly Hills?

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: The Best Cast Member In Each Season

  • 4 Season 8: Dorit Kemsley.
  • 5 Season 7: Erika Girardi.
  • 6 Season 6: Yolanda Hadid.
  • 7 Season 5: Lisa Rinna.
  • 8 Season 4: Joyce de Giraud.
  • 9 Season 3: Adrienne Maloof.
  • 10 Season 2: Taylor Armstrong.
  • 11 Season 1: Kyle Richards.