Does alfalfa grow in Oregon?

Does alfalfa grow in Oregon?

Alfalfa is the most important forage legume in Oregon. When properly harvested, western Oregon alfalfa finds ready markets for local livestock use. It produces large yields of high-quality forage and has a long life when grown under conditions to which it is adapted.

How much does it cost to seed an acre of alfalfa?

Alfalfa has to be planted at around 25 pounds per acre if I remember correctly. A 50 pound bag of seed is around $200 last I heard a few years back, so $100 an acre just for seed. Probably $120-150 per acre including tillage costs.

How much does a bag of alfalfa seed cost?

Alfalfa seed of modern varieties can cost over $4.00 per pound, while older varieties can be purchased for $2.00 per pound or less.

Where is alfalfa grown Oregon?

Most Oregon alfalfa is grown east of the Cascade Mountains. Klamath County has the largest alfalfa acreages with Baker, Lake, Harney, Malheur, Morrow, and Umatilla Counties all harvesting over 20,000 acres in 1997. Christmas Valley, in Lake County, has the most concentrated alfalfa acreage.

Will alfalfa grow in Western Washington?

Alfalfa hay production is concentrated in the top five counties of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (Figure 2 and Table 1). In the Columbia and Snake Basins, with the exception of Jefferson County in Idaho, alfalfa acreage is in proximity to large dairy operations.

Does alfalfa grow back every year?

Alfalfa is a cool-season perennial commonly grown for feeding livestock or as a cover crop and soil conditioner. It’s ideal for improving the soil and providing erosion control. Alfalfa’s extensive root system nourishes both plants and soil.

How many tons of alfalfa can you get per acre?

The average total yield is 20-35 tons per hectare (or 8-14 tons per acre) per year (distributed in 5-6 cuts). Top yields (intensive farming) can exceed 40 tons per hectare or 16 tons per acre per year. You can enrich this article by leaving a comment or photo of your alfalfa harvesting methods and yields.

How much does a 50lb bag of alfalfa seed cost?

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What is the population of alfalfa Oregon?

about 400 families
Alfalfa was named for the primary forage crop grown there under irrigation. There is a store with gas pumps and a church as the only businesses or services; Alfalfa had a post office from 1912 until 1922. The community serves a population of about 400 families living in the surrounding farms.

Where to plant alfalfa in Oregon?

Many years ago, we planted alfalfa plots at Eastern Oregon Farms, Hermiston, Oregon. Breeders provided small packets of “raw” alfalfa seed for the trial, and used some of my “coated” varieties as checks.

How to germinate alfalfa?

Breeders provided small packets of “raw” alfalfa seed for the trial, and used some of my “coated” varieties as checks. After planting on sandy ground, the pivot watered the plots adequately for good germination, but before the pivot could come around for a second watering, the wind had blown and dried out the sandy ground.

Do coated alfalfa seeds keep moisture?

The coated seed did what it is supposed to do-retain moisture. You will have a better dry land alfalfa stand with coated seed. It’s not the number of seeds in a bag thaat counts; it’s the surviving plants per square feet.