Does Attawapiskat have a hospital?

Does Attawapiskat have a hospital?

Opened in 1985 as a satellite site of James Bay, Attawapiskat Hospital has 15 beds and provides 24/7 care staffed by registered nurses and consulting physicians in its emergency room.

Who is responsible for Ontario hospitals?

The Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health is the Government of Ontario ministry responsible for administering the health care system in the Canadian province of Ontario.

What are some problems in Attawapiskat?

The many crises facing residents of Attawapiskat, including youth suicide, housing, and now water, are emblematic of the many struggles plaguing First Nations across Canada.

How do I contact Christine Elliott?

My constituency office is here to serve the residents of Newmarket-Aurora. If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us by email at [email protected] by calling (905) 853-9889.

What is the public hospitals Act Ontario?

Public Hospitals Act (and its regulations) provides the framework within which public hospitals operate. Private Hospitals Act provides the framework within which private hospitals operate. Mental Health Act includes requirements pertaining to matters such as psychiatric facilities.

Why do people live in Moosonee?

Originally settled as a fur trading post by Revillion Freres of Paris in 1903 in competition with the Hudson Bay Company, the town grew in importance with the arrival of the rail in 1932 when Moosonee became a transportation hub for the James Bay coastal communities.

Why is it called Moose Factory?

The name “Moose Factory” comes from its location on the Moose River, as well as from the fur trade era. The officer in charge of the trading post was referred to as the “factor.” Another account is that the name originates from the name of the river and a furniture factory that was once located within the community.