Does Chase Slate have a balance transfer fee?

Does Chase Slate have a balance transfer fee?

While most balance transfer cards charge a 3% to 5% fee per transfer, select few cards, like the Chase Slate, have no balance transfer fee. For instance, transferring a $5,000 balance to the Chase Slate will cost you nothing as long as you make the transfer within your first 60 days (after there is a 5% fee).

Does Chase still offer the Slate credit card?

The Slate is currently still available at Chase branches, but not online. The webpage application is temporarily unavailable, but it will return in the future.

How long does Chase Slate balance transfer take?

Most transfers are processed within a week, but in some cases it can take up to 21 days. Remember to stay current on your credit card payments with other creditors until your balance transfer has posted to your Chase account.

What is the point of Chase Slate?

Chase Slate® is a type of credit card known as a balance transfer card. This type of card offers you a low or 0% introductory rate for a set period of time so you can transfer and more easily pay off a balance you owe on another card. After that, your interest rate will rise substantially.

Did Chase Slate become Chase Freedom?

Chase Automatically Upgrading Some Chase Slate Cardholders To Chase Freedom Unlimited. Chase is in the process of automatically upgrading some Chase Slate cardholders to the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. The Chase Freedom Unlimited earns 1.5x points on all purchases, so it’s actually a better card than the Chase Slate.

How often does Chase offer balance transfers?

How often can I transfer a balance with Chase? Chase lets customers transfer up to $15,000 within any 30-day period. If you need to transfer more than $15,000 in high-interest debt, consider using more than one balance transfer credit card that offers 0 percent APR for a limited time.

What benefits does Chase Slate have?

Slate’s primary benefit is its introductory balance transfer offer. While there are many balance transfer credit cards, one thing sets the Slate Card apart–its no balance transfer fee offer. If you transfer a balance in the first 60 days your account is open, Chase doesn’t charge a transfer fee.

How often does chase offer balance transfers?

How much is the chase slate balance transfer limit?

The promotional balance transfer offer is an important benefit of Chase Slate®. But the benefit isn’t unlimited. You can’t transfer more to the card than your available credit limit or $15,000, whichever is lower. And you can’t transfer balances from other Chase® accounts to this card.

Does Chase offer balance transfers?

You must have a balance transfer offer on your Chase credit card. Chase doesn’t let you transfer a balance without one. The main reason for a balance transfer is to get a lower interest rate on your credit card debt. With the best balance transfer cards, you can get a 0% introductory APR on balances you transfer.

How to do a balance transfer with Chase?

Log in to your Chase account.

  • Go to the credit card details for the card to which youd like to transfer a balance.
  • Click on More and then Account services.
  • Select the option that says Transfer a balance.
  • What does chase balance transfer stand for?

    – Longest intro offer for balance transfer APR: Tie – Best balance transfer fee offer: Chase Slate® – Best for rewards: Chase Freedom® – Heads up: What to consider when applying for a balance transfer card – Bottom line: Which card is right for you?