How can I check property details online in Greater Noida?

How can I check property details online in Greater Noida?

One can log on to and get details of any plot registered after this period. Data prior to this period too is being computerised and is available online. One can get details by plot number, seller name, buyer name and can also verify the earlier registration papers by registration number.”

Who is the CO of Noida Authority?

Who’s Who

Name Designation Telephone
Shri Sanjiv Mittal Chairman 2422160,2422239(O)
Smt. Ritu Maheshwari CEO 2422704(O)
Mr. Manvendra Singh ACEO 2422387
Mr. Praveen Mishra ACEO 2422348

How can I know the owner of a plot in UP?

How can I check my land registry online in UP?

  1. Go to Bhulekh UP.
  2. Click on Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin on the home page.
  3. Enter the details like village, tehsil, and district.
  4. Enter the captcha displayed and click on green button.
  5. The details of the land records will be displayed.

Who is the CEO of Greater Noida Authority?

Shri Narendra Bhooshan

S. No. Name and Designation Email
1 Shri Sanjiv Kumar Mittal, (IAS), Chairman [email protected]
2 Shri Narendra Bhooshan, (IAS), Chief Executive Officer [email protected]
3 Shri Deep Chandra (IAS), Additional Chief Executive Officer [email protected]

Which is the best sector in Greater Noida?

Being situated on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Sector-150, Noida, is the most preferred hotspot amongst homebuyers and investors.

Who is IAS of Greater Noida?

S. No. Smt. Meena Bhargav, General Manager (Plng….Public Notices, Due Dates, Office Orders.

Date Title / Description Department
06/01/2022 Office Order regarding Rate of Interest Public Notices, Finance