How did they film Zoey 101 at Pepperdine?

How did they film Zoey 101 at Pepperdine?

The filming of “Zoey 101” took place in many areas on campus. Two lounges in Towers were converted into dormitories for the students of PCA. “They needed to use a bigger room to fit in all of the camera equipment. A regular sized room wouldn’t have been big enough,” Director of Housing Jim Brock said.

Where was Zoey 101 filmed?

It was initially filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, then at stages in Valencia beginning in season 3. It was nominated for an “Outstanding Children’s Program” Emmy in 2005. Zoey 101 was the most expensive production ever for a Nickelodeon standard, as it was shot completely on location in Malibu.

Why did Nicole leave Zoey 101?

In 2006, following the conclusion of the second season, Nikolas quit Zoey 101, following numerous incidents with Spears, and her character Nicole was written out of the series. In August 2005, it was reported that Britney Spears confronted Nikolas about the feud.

Who got Zoey 101 pregnant?

Casey Aldridge
Teenage pregnancy Magazine, Spears announced that she was pregnant by her former boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. She was 16 years old at the time. Aldridge, whom she had been dating for two years, was 18.

What school is PCA in real life?

Pacific Coast Academy (more commonly called “PCA” for short) is an educational institution that serves as the main setting of Zoey 101. It’s where all of the main characters of the show attend school….

Pacific Coast Academy
Mascot: Stingray

Why did Zoey have a bucket on her head?

4. For whatever reason, the teen was pressed for time while shooting the season three episode “The Curse of PCA,” so the writers came up with the idea of Zoey getting a bucket stuck on her head—so they could have a stand-in for Spears film the scenes where her face is obscured.

Did Zoey 101 get Cancelled?

Years after Zoey 101 came to an end, fans of the series are still sad about the abrupt cancellation. The series did not return for a fifth season, and Spears gave birth to her first child in June 2008, just a month after Zoey 101 aired its final episode on May 2, 2008.

What was Zoeys secret?

Finally, Zoey reveals her secret: the little girl showing her butt on the Golden Tone suntan lotion bottles was her when she was 4 years old.

Why did Dana leave PCA?

After the first season, Herrera was unceremoniously written out from working on Zoey 101 because the producers thought she looked too old next to her co-stars, though it was never confirmed by Nickelodeon. She was replaced by the character Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice). In 2008, Herrera stopped taking acting roles.

Why is Chase not in season 4?

The real life reason on why Chase only appeared in 2 episodes of Season 4 is because Sean Flynn wanted to focus on school. However, his decision to pursue school over the show is a decision he ultimately regrets, claiming it turned out to be a mistake.

Are PCA schools real?

PCA – Pacific Coast Academy was not based on an existing school in the sense of being a boarding school for kids. However, the first two seasons of the show were filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, during the summer while most of the students were away.