How do I access Smartwork?

How do I access Smartwork?

Students can access Smartwork by one of three ways: A Smartwork registration code comes for free with new copies of select Norton textbooks. Contact your Norton Representative to ensure you’ve ordered a version of your textbook that comes with Smartwork access. Students can purchase access to Smartwork online.

How do I login to my InQuizitive?

How do I log in?

  1. Log in to your textbook’s digital product homepage using your email address and Norton instructor account password.
  2. Once you’re signed in, click on the Getting Started tile for directions on how to set up your InQuizitive section and for registration instructions to distribute to students.

Is there a WW Norton app?

W.W.Norton’s secure sync app. This app only allows districts to be connected. In order to use the actual titles/books, you would need to connect to the respective book’s app in addition to this one.

How do I access WW Norton ebook?

Ebook Access: You can access Norton ebooks by using your email address and Norton instructor account password. Don’t have a password? Visit Once on the site, go to the discipline menu on the left, find your book’s instructor resource page, and request instructor account access.

How can I get Smartwork 5?

Determine how you would like to access Smartwork. If you have a registration code, select “I have a registration code” and enter it into the text field. Then, click “Register My Code.” If you want to purchase access, select “I want to purchase access.” Then, click the “Show Purchasing Options” button.

How much does Smartwork cost?

SmartWork costs $15/student to purchase a registration code for the homework with a used text for 183 days of access; but the software access can be packaged with textbooks at a special price.

How do I access Norton InQuizitive?

You can access InQuizitive in three ways:

  1. Enter a registration code. An InQuizitive registration code comes for free with new copies of select Norton textbooks.
  2. Make an online purchase. You can purchase access to InQuizitive online.
  3. Register via trial access.

What is Norton InQuizitive?

InQuizitive is an adaptive quizzing tool that combines interactive question types with game-like elements to engage students. Instructors most often assign InQuizitive activities as homework before lecture to ensure students come prepared to class.

Can you download Norton ebooks?

Norton ebooks are not designed for dedicated e-readers such as Nooks or Kindles. 2: Click on the Book Icon and Click OFFLINE READING at the bottom of the menu. 3: Check off the Chapters or Parts you would like to download for offline reading then click APPLY.

What Smartwork 5?

Smartwork5 by W.W. Norton is pre-made, supplemental courseware focused on the sciences and economics. Instructors can use the courseware for pre-made content or can use embedded authoring tools to create their own questions and assignments.