How do I adjust my hunter air conditioner?

How do I adjust my hunter air conditioner?

Step 2: Program the HEAT Setting

  1. Slide the SYSTEM SWITCH button to the HEAT setting.
  2. Press PROGRAM.
  3. Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the hour you want the first program to begin.
  4. Press the PROGRAM key again.
  5. Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to set the minute you want the first program to begin.
  6. Press PROGRAM again.

Where is the reset button on my hunter thermostat?

Press and release the RESET button on the back of the front panel.

How do you program a hunter Indiglo thermostat?

Indiglo Programmable Thermostat Instructions

  1. Step 1: Set the Day and Time. If the thermostat is displaying the wrong day, press the MENU button repeatedly until the setting you wish to change begins to flash.
  2. Step 2: Set the Day Programs. Press the SCHEDULE button to enter scheduling mode.

What is SPAN mode on Hunter thermostat?

Span. The span setting regulates when and how long your system will run. The span has been set at the factory to 0.5º (in Fahrenheit mode) which will allow the system to turn on 1ºF above or below the set temperature and run for 1ºF above or below the set temperature.

How do you troubleshoot a hunter thermostat?

If the thermostat is failing to activate the air conditioner or heating unit as desired, first be sure the selector switch is in the correct location. If you are still having problems, turn off power to the thermostat, remove its faceplate and confirm that the wires are connected to the proper terminals.

Why does my hunter thermostat change by itself?

This is extremely uncommon, but it can happen. If your non-programmable thermostat is resetting or changing your set temperature, the problem may be with the batteries. Check the batteries if they need changing. If your thermostat doesn’t have a common wire and is resetting, you should replace it.

How do I cancel my hunter thermostat?

How to Delete Programming on a Hunter Thermostat

  1. Open the faceplate on the Hunter thermostat.
  2. Twist a paper clip so one of the ends is sticking out.
  3. Press the end of the paper clip into the “Reset” pinhole and hold it for two seconds to clear the programming.

How do you use a hunter touchscreen thermostat?

How to Program Hunter Touchscreen Thermostats

  1. Touch the screen while it is in sleep/ready mode to turn on the Hunter thermostat.
  2. Tap the day that you want to set a program for on the screen.
  3. Touch the “Heat” or “Cool” icon to select the system you want to engage.

What is cooling droop?

Droop: a drag on performance Under high-load conditions, heat from the anticipator builds up within the thermostat, causing it to cut out and cut in at lower temperatures than under lighter loads. The lower cut-out and cut-in points result in a lower control point known as droop.