How do I change my layout on PokerStars?

How do I change my layout on PokerStars?

Just go to More → Settings → Table Appearance and choose from some of the options below:

  1. Themes: Select table themes, felt color, table background, and deck style.
  2. Table Display: Change the way certain items appear at the tables, such as Player Images, Stack Values, Bet Amounts, and more.

What does muck losing hands mean?

In poker terms, the word ‘muck’ has two meanings: As a verb, muck means to fold a hand. So a player who has mucked his or her hand has folded. It is possible for a player to lose a hand he or she would otherwise win because it is fouled having touched the muck.

How do you multi-table PokerStars?

Use the features available in: More → Settings → Gameplay → Multi-Tabling….

  1. Tile Tables: this feature arranges tables at the maximum possible size without any overlap.
  2. Cascade Tables: this feature overlaps tables with a small offset distance to allow each table to be manually selected as required.

How do you use HUD on PokerStars?

To manually configure Zoom click Configure -> Site & Import Options from the main menu and select PokerStars (click here if you need help manually configuring PokerStars). Make sure that the option “Enable Zoom HUD” is checked if you are playing at Zoom table and want to use a HUD. Click OK to save your settings.

How do you unlock old Throwables in PokerStars?

There are other throwables available for unlocking as well. Click on the “Challenges” tab in the PokerStars lobby and scroll down to the “Throwables” challenges, opt in, then complete the challenges to gain access to additional items you can toss about.

How do you unlock Throwables in PokerStars?

To unlock this throwable, complete the challenge of being dealt all 52 hole cards in any real money game. It’s not as hard as it sounds. There’s a new throwable to be released later this week, with one more to follow soon after.

How do you reveal cards on Pokerstars?

To use this feature while in a game, when you’re dealt into a hand, press on either pocket card. This will mark the card(s) you want to show and they will overlap. When you are last required to take action and you want to fold, you can then select ‘Fold Show’ to show your folded hand to the table.

What does mucked mean in poker?

discard pile
In poker, it most often refers to the discard pile into which players may throw their folded hands, and into which the dealer places burned cards. It also refers to when a player is folding his hand (face down) without saying anything.

How to show one card after folding at PokerStars?

This is how to show one card after folding at PokerStars, ensure that the options to always muck cards are disabled, from the lobby under Options > Showing / Mucking hands > “Muck loosing hands” should be off as should “Don’t show winning hand”, they should be un-ticked from the lobby menu. Ensure that none of the above are selected.

How to use PokerStars hotkey to show hand history?

Keyboard shortcut that requests your instant hand history from Poker Stars. Set muck a losing hand at Poker Stars hotkey. Set the option to show a winning hand on PokerStars hotkey. Moves chat off the main window into a stand alone window.

Should hole cards be displayed during all-in tournaments?

In a recent update, PokerStars has now made it mandatory for players to display their hole cards during any all-in situation. Some players may not notice the difference since this was already the case in online tournament, however, until recently ring-game players had the option to hide their cards from being displayed during live time.

How to find a tournament on PokerStars?

“Find a Tournament” window Poker Stars Hotkey, simply enter the PokerStars Tournament ID. You can quickly get a list of Poker Stars tournaments that you have registered for by using this hotkey. Shows which tables you are currently registered on. Pressing the CTRL+L hot key will open the PokerStars login window.