How do I change the start Page Number in Word 2010?

How do I change the start Page Number in Word 2010?

Start page numbering later in your document

  1. Go to Insert > Header or Footer > Edit Header or Edit Footer.
  2. Select Different First Page.
  3. In the header or footer area, you should see a label on the first page that says First Page Header.
  4. Select Close Header and Footer or press Esc to exit.

Why does my Page Number start at 2?

If the first page is a cover page, or a title page, then the second page of the document should be page 1, and the first page shouldn’t be labeled at all. Under Options, select Different First Page. (This will start page numbering page 2, but the second page will be labeled “2”.

How do I get Word to start on page 3 of page 1?

7. To ensure your pages begin with 1, go to the Insert tab → Page Number. Select Format Page Numbers… → Page numbering → Start at and add 1.

How do I start Page Number 1 on page 3 in Word?

How do I start numbering on page 2 in Word?

Insert page numbers

  1. Select Insert > Page Number, and then choose the location and style you want.
  2. If you don’t want a page number to appear on the first page, select Different First Page.
  3. If you want numbering to start with 1 on the second page, go to Page Number > Format Page Numbers, and set Start at to 0.

How to customize page numbers in word?

Place your cursor on the page where you want the first section to end.

  • Go to the Page Layout tab,then click the Breaks command.
  • Choose Next Page from the menu.
  • A section break will be added,creating a new section on the next page.
  • To continue,select your header or footer in the new section.
  • How do you insert page numbers in Microsoft Word?

    Double click on the top or bottom of your page. This will bring up the “Design Menu,” which is used to place page numbers.

  • Select “Page Number” to bring up your options. This allows you to choose where the page numbers go.
  • Choose your style of page number to automatically set up the numbering.
  • How to insert word count or page count in word?

    In Word, there is no built-in function to count words in active page only, except the VBA code. 1.Place the cursor at the page you want to count words, press Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. Click Insert > Module, copy and paste below code to the Module script. VBA: Count number of words in active page

    How do you insert page numbers into a Word document?

    Go to Insert > Page Number.

  • Do one of the following: Select Current Position if you have a header or footer. Select a location if you have no header or footer yet.
  • Scroll until you see Page X of Y and select a format.
  • Select Close Header and Footer,or double-click anywhere outside the header or footer area.