How do I check my Torrens title?

How do I check my Torrens title?

Over 98 per cent of the Torrens Title Register in NSW is electronically stored and maintained by NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS). This Register can be searched using a folio identifier, obtained from a reference number or a property description that is found on documents like council rates and valuation notices.

How do I find out who owns a piece of land in NSW?

Here are some steps you can take to find out who owns the property and where they are:

  1. ​Talk to the​​​ tenant or ​​​​managi​ng agent.
  2. Do a title search.
  3. Search the phone book.
  4. Ask your local council for the information.

How do I check my land title NSW?

Accessing Records Historical and current land records can be accessed through approved NSW LRS information brokers or through free searches online.

What is a Torrens title number?

The Torrens title also records easements and the creation and discharge of mortgages. On the first registration of land under the system, the land is given a unique number (called a volume-folio number) which identifies the land by reference to a registered plan.

What does a title search show NSW?

Title Searches – Confirms the current owners of a property and shows any registered interests affecting the property such as a mortgage or easement.

What is Torrens Title in Australia?

A Torrens title is a single certificate of title for an allotment of land. It is the most common type of title in South Australia. All transactions such as transfers of ownership are registered on the certificate of title.

What is a title reference NSW?

Search by Title Reference – a Title Reference is a unique 8-digit identifier for a Title. Search by Lot/ Plan – enter the Lot, Plan Type, and Plan Number to generate a list of any associated title references. Search by Owner Name – use a wildcard ‘%’ when searching for an exact company name or surname.

What is the difference between strata title and Torrens title?

Torrens title simply means the purchaser owns the land and building. This can also be known as ‘freehold. ‘ Strata title simply means that there are multiple owners of properties on one piece of land where all owners are responsible for the areas that are shared known as ‘common areas.

Is Torrens Title recognized by our government today?

Under this system, a Torrens title is conclusive against third parties, including the government.