How do I find old newspaper articles in Ontario?

How do I find old newspaper articles in Ontario?

The best collection of Toronto newspapers—original and on microfilm—is at the Toronto Reference Library. The Archives of Ontario also has an extensive collection of Ontario newspapers, including Toronto. Consult the Newspapers finding aids 212 and L23. Library and Archives Canada also has a collection.

How do I search a newspaper in Google News archives?

Begin with the newspaper list to browse directly to a specific newspaper title in the Google News Archive. Once you select a title of interest, you can easily navigate to a specific date using the arrows or, even faster, by entering the date in the date box (this can be a year, month and year, or a specific date).

When did the Toronto Telegram fold?

The Toronto Telegram folds in 1971 30, 1971, and according to CBC’s reporting, almost 400,000 copies were printed — twice the regular print run.

What can I find at the city of Toronto Archives?

At the City of Toronto Archives you can find historical records (information), including: records created by the City of Toronto government records created by municipal governments that existed before the 1998 amalgamation papers of people, families, organizations and businesses

Where can I find old Toronto newspapers?

The Toronto Telegram, another major Toronto newspaper that ran from 1876 – 1971, has not been digitized. It is available on microfilm at Toronto Reference Library and North York Central Library. This paper’s archives are held at York University Archives.

How many newspapers are in the Toronto Star newspaper centre?

Writing a research paper on an aspect of Toronto histo The Toronto Star Newspaper Centre has over 120 current newspapers, in print and microfilm, from Canada and around the globe. Important dates in the library’s history from 1830 to present. Historical Records Survey. Book.

Where can I find microfilmed Toronto newspapers?

Consult the list of microfilmed Toronto newspapers. Two major Toronto newspapers have been digitized and are searchable for a fee: the Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail. Toronto residents can access them for free through the Toronto Public Library. You can find great tips for searching in the Library’s blog.