How do I get a refrigeration license in NYC?

How do I get a refrigeration license in NYC?

In order to become a licensed engineer you have to pass a two part test given by the New York Fire department. To qualify for the New York City Operating Engineer Exam you have to complete a 200 hour course which instructs you in the operation of large scale refrigeration equipment.

What is a q01?

Certificate of Qualification for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer (Q-01) – NYC Business.

What type of refrigerant Do you need FDNY approval for?

Permit Description A permit must be obtained from the Fire Department (FDNY) to maintain or operate a refrigerating system that: Uses a group A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, or B3 refrigerant; or. Is mounted on or suspended from a roof or a ceiling; or.

How do I renew my New York refrigeration license?

Most COF renewals can be processed without the need to create a NYC ID. To renew by mail, send renewal fee with the renewal notice to the address below, attention to Cashier’s Unit. To renew in person, visit the testing center of FDNY at 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

How do I become an operating engineer in NYC?

Have successfully completed at least a two (2) yearlong registered, approved apprenticeship training program recognized by the New York State Apprenticeship Council and have had at least three (3) years of experience in the operation and maintenance of high-pressure boilers under the direct and continuing supervision …

What is a refrigeration machine operator?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies refrigerant machine room operators as “cooling and freezing equipment operators and tenders.” Approximately 8,130 of them worked in the United States as of May 2012. They also scrape and remove excess frost from equipment and repair the machines when necessary.

How much extra refrigerant can be stored in a machine room?

Refrigerant Storage: “The total amount of refrigerant stored in a machinery room in all containers not provided with relief valves and piped in accordance with the standard should not exceed 330 lbs.,” according to Section 11.5 of ASHRAE 15-1994.

How do I pay my FDNY permit?

FDNY Permit Accounts and Certificates of Fitness Alternatively, you can pay these fees online at by clicking the “Pay Inspection Fee” button. To speak with someone at the FDNY’s accounting unit, reach out to 718-999-2905 or 718-999-0618.

Is the EPA test hard?

Passing the EPA 608 exam is not hard, especially if you can memorize things easily. Not to say it is a cake-walk, but many people stress about it more than they need to.

How long does it take to get EPA approval?

EPA is required to process your application to be a lead-safe certified firm within 90 days of receipt. In most instances, properly-completed firm applications are processed in about one month.

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How to become a refrigeration operating engineer in New York?

Click here to sign up. Prepare for the written and practical portions of the Fire Department of New York’s (FDNY) Examination for Certificate of Qualification for Refrigeration Operating Engineer. Approved by the FDNY, successful completion of this course allows you to sit for the exam.

What type of supervision is required for refrigerating systems?

The refrigerating system may require to be under personal or general supervision, as set forth in the FC Table 606.1.1 If personal supervision is required:

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