How do I get a student ID at USU?

How do I get a student ID at USU?

How do I get a student ID card

  1. Upload a digital headshot on a plain backround. See Guidelines for submissions.
  2. Call 435-797-3852 or email [email protected] to request a student ID card.
  3. Pay the $15 fee.

How do I find my USU number?

Retrieving your A-Number using MyID

  1. If you are new to USU or have forgotten your A-Number, you can visit
  2. Go to
  3. Select “I don’t know my A Number”
  4. Choose a PIN delivery method.
  5. (Below is an example of the email that will be sent to you)

Is Utah State a Mormon college?

The State of Utah is known for its high percentage of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As such, Mormon students are a large part of Utah State’s campus. This type of USU student lives a very responsible student life while still enjoying fun activities on campus and in the community.

What is my SSID Utah?

Statewide Student IDentifier
SSID stands for: Statewide Student IDentifier. An SSID is a unique, non-personally identifiable 10 digit number that all K-12 public school students are required to have.

What is my USU email address?

USU provides an official email account to all students for use during their academic career. (See

Is USI and student number the same?

A USI is a 10-digit, government issued student number, required for all students in nationally recognised VE/TAFE training from 1 January 2015 and Higher Education from 1 January 2023 onwards. This exemption can only be granted by the Student Identifiers Registrar.

Is Utah State University R1?

Utah State University has joined the highest level of research institutions in the country by earning the R1 Classification (“very high research activity”) in the latest Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education announced this month.

Where can I find my student SSID?

Where Can I Find My SSID? Students wishing to obtain their SSID should contact their current school or the last school district in which they were enrolled, such as their high school. SSIDs are issued at the local K–12 school level.

How do I get a USU ID card?

Non-traditional or transfer students can come purchase their USU ID Card ($15) from the Card Office after registering. Statewide Campus students can go to their local location and request a USU card. and request a USU Card. Replacement cards are only $15.

What are the different types of USU ID cards?

We offer 3 different kinds of USU ID Cards: student, faculty/staff, and spouse cards. All will give you access to different resources on campus as well as the ability to use Aggie Express to pay for certain resources, even enjoy a 10% dicount when you use your card with Aggie Express at all dining locations. Find out which card is suitable for you!

What is the email address for USU students?

Student Email Everything you need to know about your USU student email account USU now provides an official email account to all students for use during their academic career. The University uses this address to send important communications to you during your time with us.

What is a student spouse card or faculty/staff ID card?

Student Spouse Cards and Faculty or Staff Spouse Cards allow different access and are obtained in different ways than student or faculty/staff USU ID cards. Where do I get my card? You must be married to a registered USU student to get your card.