How do I iterate a map in FreeMarker?

How do I iterate a map in FreeMarker?

Entry> ) of the mappings contained in this map. So we can iterate over key-value pair using getKey() and getValue() methods of Map. Entry . This method is most common and should be used if you need both map keys and values in the loop.

What is hash in FreeMarker?

A sequence that contains all the lookup keys in the hash. Since hashes do not define an order for their sub variables in general, the order in which key names are returned can be arbitrary.

Does FreeMarker have content?

The has_content Function FreeMarker has built-in functions to detect for variables. The most common method of detecting for empty or null values uses the has_content function and the trim function. The has_content function is often used with another built-in FreeMarker function to detect for null values.

How do you create a list on FreeMarker?

FreeMarker doesn’t support modifying collections. But if you really want to do this in FreeMarker (as opposed to in Java), you can use sequence concatenation: <#assign myList = myList + [newItem]> . Here you create a new sequence that wraps the two other sequences.

How do I use a list in FreeMarker?

Simplest form. The list directive executes the code between the list start-tag and list end-tag (the body of list from now on) for each value in the sequence (or collection) specified as its first parameter. For each such iteration the loop variable ( user in this example) will store the value of the current item.

How do I comment in FreeMarker template?

Comments: <#– and –> Comments are similar to HTML comments, but they are delimited by <#– and –>. Comments will be ignored by FreeMarker, and will not be written to the output.

How does FreeMarker handle null values?

Starting from freemarker 2.3. 7, you can use this syntax : ${(object. attribute)!}…

  1. What is the difference between this approach and has_content??
  2. has_content , next to null-checking, also checks if the value is not empty.

How do you add values on FreeMarker?

If you want to insert the value of an expression into a string, you can use ${…} (and the deprecated #{…} ) in string literals.

How do I create a FreeMarker template?

Inside that, create the following file with name helloworld. ftl . Create the following class which demonstrates the usage of Java objects in templates. Create the following class which creates the input for this template and creates the output.

How do you assign a value in FreeMarker?


  1. name : name of the variable. It is not expression.
  2. = : Assignment operator. It can also be one of the assignment shorthand operators (since FreeMarker 2.3.
  3. value : the value to store. Expression.
  4. namespacehash : a hash that was created for a namespace (by import ). Expression.

How do I use Apache FreeMarker?

  1. Create a configuration instance. Create a data-model. Get the template. Merging the template with the data-model. Putting all together.
  2. Scalars. Containers. Methods. Node variables.
  3. Shared variables. Template loading. Error handling. Template configurations.
  4. Variables, scopes. Charset issues. Multithreading. Bean wrapper.

How do I add FTL to FTL?

You can use it to insert another FreeMarker template file (specified by the path parameter) into your template. The output from the included template is inserted at the point where the include tag occurs….Using acquisition

  1. /foo/bar/footer. ftl.
  2. /foo/footer. ftl.
  3. /footer. ftl.

How to iterate a hashmap in FreeMarker template?

In this short article we will see how to iterate an HashMap in FreeMarker template. Consider below code which is normally used to iterate a List in FTL. Here in above code, we created a List object and passed it to FTL page. In FTL we used <#list> to iterate and print its values.

What is FreeMarker?

FreeMarker is a template engine for the Java programming language. Templates are written in the FreeMarker Template Language (FTL). FreeMarker’s home page is .

Why do some FreeMarker integrations use the public map methods as keys?

However, some really old FreeMarker integrations use a strange configuration, where the public Map methods (like getClass) appear as keys. That happens as they are using a pure BeansWrapper (instead of DefaultObjectWrapper) whose simpleMapWrapper property was left on false.

How to iterate HashMap in FTL in Java?

Well, the above hashmap can be iterated in FTL using following code: In above code, we used?keys attribute to get the keySet of HashMap. This key set is iterated and corresponding value is fetched by user.get (key) method.