How do I know if my silver spoons are worth money?

How do I know if my silver spoons are worth money?

Spoons selling above $300 are extremely RARE. Silver Plated Spoons will normally sell from $1 to $15. Very few will exceed $15. If a spoon is NOT marked sterling or if it does not have legitimate European silver marks, it is MOST likely silver plated.

How can you tell if an old spoon is silver?

Buff the silverware to a shine with a soft, nonabrasive white cloth. If the silverware is real, it will leave a slight (or not so slight) black mark. Real silver chemically reacts with oxygen to form a patina (tarnish) while silver plating bonds to the underlying metal, so stainless steel will leave no such mark.

What is the rarest silver spoon?

DALLAS – A rare silver spoon made by America’s most famous silversmith, Paul Revere, Jr., is now the most expensive spoon in the world after selling at Heritage Auctions for a record $32,500.

How do you sell silver spoons?

The most common ways to sell your sterling silver flatware include:

  1. Tag sale, garage sale, or estate sale: This can be a good option if you want to handle the sale all on your own.
  2. Pawn shop: This can be a good option if you need cash fast—as in, immediately.

Are silver spoons pure silver?

Basically, anything that you’d use to entertain the President at a fancy dinner is considered silverware. But just because you call it silverware doesn’t always mean that what you have is real silver. Real silver flatware is typically sterling silver, or 92.5% with 7.5% of a base metal, like copper.

What can I do with old silver spoons?

Don’t toss out your old silverware. Here are 11 nifty ways to repurpose it

  1. Starburst mirror. We are in love with this idea that transforms regular silverware into art.
  2. Eat sign.
  3. Dragonfly garden ornament.
  4. Silverware cabinet handles.
  5. Spoon wind chime.
  6. Silverware hooks.
  7. Spoon garden markers.
  8. Fork and cork garden marker.