How do I preserve the battery on my iPhone 5s?

How do I preserve the battery on my iPhone 5s?

Here is what you can do right now to boost your iPhone’s battery life, and hopefully make it through the day without having to plug in.

  1. Activate Low Power Mode.
  2. Adjust Screen Brightness.
  3. Turn Off Location Services.
  4. Turn Off Background App Refresh.
  5. Cut Down on Notifications.
  6. Switch to Airplane Mode.

How can I increase my battery capacity?

Depending on your device, you can:

  1. Let your screen turn off sooner.
  2. Reduce screen brightness.
  3. Set the brightness to change automatically.
  4. Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations.
  5. Restrict apps with high battery use.
  6. Turn on adaptive battery or battery optimization.
  7. Delete unused accounts.

Should I turn on optimized Battery Charging?

When this function is enabled, your iPhone will delay charging past 80% in certain situations. This is recommended for improved battery life, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to use Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone! Turn Off will keep charging optimization off until you turn it back on again.

How to improve iPhone battery life?

Another way to save iPhone battery life is to get more battery. Accessory makers such as mophie offer extended life batteries for the iPhone. If you need so much battery life that none of these tips help, an extended life battery adds more days of standby time and more hours of use.

How to use standby mode on iPhone to save battery life?

This way, your iPhone will automatically go to standby mode when not used, which is essential to save battery life. Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock and set the time interval to the minimum available, which is 30 seconds.

How can I save battery life on my Android phone?

Not all battery saving methods involve making changes in the Settings app. Some have to do with how you use your phone from day to day. Tasks that require a phone to be on for long periods of time or use a lot of system resources, use the most battery. Here are some examples of battery-intensive activities:

Does dark mode on iPhone save battery life?

By opting for darker colors, you can reduce the amount of power your device uses quite dramatically. This only works with certain iPhone models that have a “Super Retina” display, including the following: If you turn on Dark mode under Settings > Display, you could save around 30 percent of the battery charge according to one test.