How do I report someone for driving without insurance?

How do I report someone for driving without insurance?

To report an uninsured driver, visit your local police force’s website and find their reporting page. Some have pages dedicated to reporting uninsured drivers, while others have ‘Live Chat’ functions so you can quickly make a report.

How do I report a reckless driver in California?

Reporting Road Rage in California Both victims of road rage and those witnessing road rage in California should call 911 to notify the California Highway Patrol of the behavior. The 911 number is for emergencies only, which would be ongoing incidents of road rage or driving under the influence.

Who is in charge of California Highway Patrol?

California Highway Patrol
Commissioner responsible Amanda Ray
Parent agency California State Transportation Agency (CALSTA)
Commands 8 Field Divisions 16 Commercial Enforcement Facilities 103 Area Offices

What are the duties of a highway patrol?

patrol Montana’s highways to enforce federal,state and local traffic laws

  • respond to and investigate crashes,crimes,natural disasters and potential safety hazards on and off Montana’s roads
  • apprehend criminals,including those who transport drugs
  • provide humanitarian aid to citizens
  • What is the job description for a highway patrol officer?

    direct traffic

  • issue citations
  • arrest criminals
  • How can I become a highway patrol officer?

    – Must be between 20-35 years of age. – Have obtained at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent. – Must be a U.S. citizen. – Must not have any past felony convictions.

    How many hours does a highway patrol officer work?

    You can potentially work an 8 hour work shifts, 10 hour work shifts, or 12 hour work shifts. The CHP operates 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year so you may be required to work weekends and holidays. When is a non-owner ticketed for a correctable violation?