How do Spaniards say hello?

How do Spaniards say hello?

Hola is the Spanish equivalent to “hello,” and we’re pretty sure you’ve already heard it many times before. The more formal way to greet someone would be buenos días (good day) in the morning, buenas tardes (good afternoon) in the afternoon and buenas noches (good night) in the evening.

How do you wish good health in Spanish?

Les deseo buena salud y felicidad. I wish you good health and happiness. Please keep in touch. Te deseo buena salud y felicidad.

How do u say good wishes in Spanish?

All the best wishes to your birthday!…best wishes.Principal TranslationsInglésEspañolbest wishes npl(regards)saludos nmpl Ejemplos: los maritates, unos víveres.mejores deseos adj + nmpl2

What is the meaning of lo siento?

I’m sorry

Why do you say Lo siento?

We will start with lo siento. This is used to express regret or condolences. The word for word translation of lo siento would be I feel it but that does not make sense in English. Think of when you are telling someone I am sorry for your loss.

Why is lo siento Im sorry?

It means I feel sympathy for your discomfort that I have in some way caused. A rough English equivalent would be “excuse me” or “I’m sorry(; I didn’t mean to hurt you).” Such expressions are merely formal pleasantries. “Lo siento” means, literally, “I feel it,” in other words: I am sympathetic to what you are feeling.

How do you respond to Lo siento?

3 Answers. No hay de que! “don’t mention it!”

How do you respond to I’m sorry in Spanish?

3 AnswersNo hay problema = No problem.No importa. = It’s fine.No te preocupes. = Don’t worry about it.Está bien. = It’s cool.

How do you respond to LOL?

Does the person recognize that “lol” doesn’t necessarily hold any informational value, beside acknowledgement of the previous statement? If so, they still hold responsibility to respond to your statement, and a “:P” will be a proper counter-response that thanks them for their “lol” and responds politely in kind.