How do we glorify God through our art?

How do we glorify God through our art?

You simply need to create or seek art that places the Lord in the forefront of your mind and heart, something that immediately starts you on a mental path to worship. I will refer to this as Glory Art. Art is, of course, hugely subjective, so Glory Art is going to be different for everyone.

Does God redeem our mistakes?

God can indeed use the things and experiences we have failed at to change the lives of others by using them to teach other people lessons or prevent them from making the same mistakes we have.

What does it mean to redeem your past?

to set (a person) free by paying a ransom; (of Jesus Christ) to free (a person) from sin.

Why do artists worship art?

Is Worship A Function Of Art? RITUAL. Another function of art is to enhance religious contemplation, and most world religions have found ways to include artists’ creativity in their sacred rituals and places.

Why does God allow me to make mistakes?

The answer is simple: God allows us to make mistakes because God made us in His image. God made us to be like Him. One of the most essential characteristics of God’s existence is His will, His ability to choose and create as He desires. If He was to make anything in His image, that thing had to possess a will, as well.

What does God redeem us from?

Through Jesus’ blood, we have redemption of our sins. Redemption is where something is used in exchange for something else to gain or regain something. We — all who will accept the gift of salvation — receive a pardon when we believe and repent. We only receive this pardon when we ask for forgiveness of our sin.

What does God do with our past?

In verse 12, God says, “For I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more.” This is where God changes the past of all who commit their lives to Him. He forgives our sins and forgets them! Yes, God forgets our past, for He has forgiven us of all the mean, low-down things we have done.