How do you find the date range in Unix?

How do you find the date range in Unix?

3 Answers

  1. Bash find files between two dates: find . – type f -newermt 2010-10-07 ! – newermt 2014-10-08.
  2. Bash find files from 15 minutes ago until now: find . – type f -mmin -15.
  3. Bash find files between two timestamps: find . – type f -newermt “2014-10-08 10:17:00” ! –

How do I print only the date in Unix?

You can use the same command with the shell script. This page shows how to format date in Linux or Unix-based system….A complete list of FORMAT control characters supported by the GNU/date command.

%FORMAT String Description
%h same as %b
%H hour (00..23)
%I hour (01..12)
%j day of year (001..366)

How do I print only the date in Linux?

Bash Date format YYYY-MM-DD To format date in YYYY-MM-DD format, use the command date +%F or printf “%(%F)T\n” $EPOCHSECONDS . The %F option is an alias for %Y-%m-%d . This format is the ISO 8601 format.

How do I print the date and time in Unix?

Sample shell script to display the current date and time #!/bin/bash now=”$(date)” printf “Current date and time %s\n” “$now” now=”$(date +’%d/%m/%Y’)” printf “Current date in dd/mm/yyyy format %s\n” “$now” echo “Starting backup at $now, please wait…” # command to backup scripts goes here # …

How can I get yesterday date in Unix?

  1. Use perl: perl -e ‘@T=localtime(time-86400);printf(“%02d/%02d/%02d”,$T[4]+1,$T[3],$T[5]+1900)’
  2. Install GNU date (it’s in the sh_utils package if I remember correctly) date –date yesterday “+%a %d/%m/%Y” | read dt echo ${dt}
  3. Not sure if this works, but you might be able to use a negative timezone.

How do I print a timestamp in Unix?

To find the unix current timestamp use the %s option in the date command. The %s option calculates unix timestamp by finding the number of seconds between the current date and unix epoch. You will get a different output if you run the above date command.

How do I grep a date?

We need to list a file that contains a particular string and which is created on a particular date. We can execute the below command for this, sudo find . -type f -newermt 2020-10-06 -exec grep -l “test” {} \;

How to print current date and time in Unix shell script?

Print current date and time in Unix shell script. To store current date and time to a variable, enter: now=$ (date) OR. now=`date`.

How do I print the current date in C++?

To print this date either use the printf or echo statement: echo “$now”. echo “Current date: $now”. OR use the printf command: printf “%sn” “$now”.

How do I get the current date and time in Linux?

Getting the current date and time in Linux shell script You can format and display date using the following syntax: date + ‘FORMAT’ ### mm/dd/yyyy ### date + ‘%m/%d/%Y’ ## Time in 12 hr format ### date + ‘%r’ ## backup dir format ## backup_dir =$ (date + ‘%m/%d/%Y’) echo “Backup dir for today: /nas04/backups/$ {backup_dir}”

How to parse date in Epoch time?

Finally the command: date -j -f “%a %b %d %T %Z %Y” “`date`” “+%s” can be used to parse the output from date and express it in Epoch time. From reading the example, it seems like the + can go inside the single quotes: