How do you fix a DVD that is not recognized?

How do you fix a DVD that is not recognized?

You can have a try on following methods.

  1. Make sure your DVD drive is correctly connected.
  2. Updates Windows 10 to the newest version.
  3. Reinstall the DVD drive.
  4. Remove IDE/ATAPI drivers.
  5. Fix corrupted registry entries.
  6. Create a registry subkey.
  7. Backup your system in case DVD drive missing again.

How do I get Windows Media Player to play a DVD on Windows 10?

Launch VLC Media Player, insert a DVD, and it should rev up automatically. If not, click Media > Open Disc > DVD, then click the play button. You’ll find a full range of buttons to control playback.

Why is my computer not reading DVD?

Type control in Windows Search then click on Control Panel from the search result.

  • Search Troubleshoot and click on Troubleshooting.
  • Next,click on View all in the left pane.
  • Click and run the Troubleshooter for Hardware and Device.
  • The above Troubleshooter may be able to Fix CD or DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10.
  • Why does my DVD drive not recognize disc?

    Press Windows Key+R then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.

  • Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives then right-click on your CD/DVD drive and select Properties.
  • Switch to driver tab and click Roll Back Driver.
  • Wait for the driver to be rolled back then close Device Manager.
  • Reboot your PC to save changes.
  • Why is my CD not playing in my computer?

    Check autoplay function. The Windows Autoplay function can be activated and deactivated on Win95/98/ME systems.

  • Checking the CD. – Autorun.inf – CD_Start.exe – CD_Conf.ini Please note: For compiled menus,the CD_Conf.ini file does not have to be in the root directory.
  • Activating the Joliet file system on burning software applications.
  • Other information.
  • Why is my CD drive not showing in Windows 10?

    – Make sure your DVD/CD disk drive is working. The drive should have a light in front of it. – If you do find an issue with the DVD/CD disk drive, open the casing of your system and make sure your DVD/CD drive is properly fitted and wires are connected. – Restart your computer. Sometimes there aren’t any issues. – Run the Windows own built-in troubleshooter.