How do you fix the fishing nets in Virtual Villagers 4?

How do you fix the fishing nets in Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. Drag an adult to the piers to repair them. They will take several dry woods to repair.
  2. Drag an adult to the piers after they have been repaired. They will use the cloth to repair the fishing nets. Repeat the process until the nets are repaired.
  3. Now you can get fish by dragging an adult to the piers.

How do you boil water on Virtual Villagers 4?

To boil water, first drag a villager onto the bowls by the stream (for fresh water) or at the base of the rocks by the sea (for salt water). The villager will fill the bowl with water and take it to the pot in the research lab. Then drag a villager onto the pile of stones by the steps to the research lab.

How do you get your villagers to fish on Virtual Villagers?

There are two requirements to enable your villagers to fish: Level 3 of Farming Tech and a beach that’s free of debris, so that they can access the ocean.

How do you move the rocks in Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. Look for an area covered in rocks next to two palm trees at the southwest corner of the screen.
  2. Drag an adult there to remove the rocks.
  3. You can use more than one villager to speed up the process.
  4. Once the area is cleared you need to move four hot stones to it.

How do you make a feast In Virtual Villagers 4?

Drop an adult on the blackberry bush. Drop an adult on the pier to get a fish. Drop an adult on the fruit trees. Drop a child on a mushroom….Steps

  1. Have the children pick up the three herbs: spicy, soapy and sweet.
  2. Fill the pot with fresh water and boil it.
  3. Drag an adult to the table to start the stew.

How do you start a fire in Virtual Villagers 4?

First, drag a villager onto the pile of firewood to the left of the big staircase. Then, drag someone onto the patch of dry grass by the stairs—this will serve as kindling. Finally, drag a villager onto the fire pit with the grass and wood on it, and they will light the fire.

What is the golden child in virtual villagers?

The Golden Child has some significant powers that are unobtainable by any other villager. He is able to magically create food, regrow the berries on the berry bush, and restore the crops in the agricultural area.

How do you move the boulder in virtual villagers?

You need to place a master builder to find the hiding spot. This puzzle requires Level 3 of Construction and Level 3 of Science. The Golden Child will remove the boulder blocking the cave, but only when it’s ready to move it; you can’t force it.

Is there a Virtual Villagers 4 walkthrough on Gamezebo?

Welcome to the Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life walkthrough on Gamezebo. Virtual Villagers 4 is a simulation game played on PC created by Last Day of Work. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Virtual Villagers 4.

How do you get fish from fishing nets?

Once you’ve completed puzzle 12 you will be able to collect fish from the fishing nets. Just drag a villager onto the pier and they will get fish from the nets.

How do I pick my villagers in the tree of life?

Unlike the previous Virtual Villagers games, The Tree of Life allows you to handpick your own starting tribe members. You can select five in total. To get the best start, I recommend picking at least one male and one female of reproducing age (18 and older). The younger your adult villagers are, the longer they will be with you.

How to choose the right villager?

Finally, pay attention to your villagers’ likes and dislikes. Try not to select villagers who dislike learning, working or running – they will soon become a bit of a pain, especially in those early stages. If you find one who actually likes running, lucky you!