How do you make a flower pot step by step?

How do you make a flower pot step by step?

Use these to make a beautiful flower pot!…Procedure

  1. Use the masking tape to create geometric figures so that your flower pot looks extra-fashionable.
  2. Paint the geometrical figures.
  3. Add the earth and fertilizer halfway.
  4. Plant your desired flower seed or flower.
  5. Cover to the top.

How do you make a flower pot Man garden?


  1. Paint the Pots. The smaller flower pots will be the arms and legs, and the larger pots will be the body and head, so paint accordingly.
  2. Assemble the Arms. Place a small pot on a table upside down.
  3. Attach the Arms to the Body.
  4. Build the Legs.
  5. Attach the Head.

What can you make with clay pots?

10 Creative Terra Cotta Clay Pot Projects

  1. 1 Clay Pot Lighthouse. If you have three different sizes of clay pots, you have a lighthouse.
  2. 2 Clay Pot Birdhouse.
  3. 3 Fairy Garden in a Pot.
  4. 4 Clay Tipsy Pots.
  5. 5 Terra Cotta People.
  6. 6 Clay Pot Candle Planter.
  7. 7 Potted Plant Shelves.
  8. 8 Bird & Bee & Butterfly Baths & Fountains.

Do you need to line wooden planters?

The best way to prevent deck planters from rotting is with a liner. Lining a wood planter prevents water and fungi from contacting the wood. For a small planter, every fall, emptying and cleaning out the planter will prevent rot. With the wood drying out over winter and fungi slowed without dirt or water.

How do you make a flower pot man?

Put the body in place by running the wire or rod through the holes and add the other two limbs, tying them to the appropriate length and cutting the excess. These are the arms. This is how your flower pot man should look at this point. Note that there is still a portion of the wire (or rod) showing at the top. This will hold the head.

How do you make a flower pot with legs?

Build the Legs . Take the unknotted cord that is peeking out from the bottom of the body pot, and run it into the drainage hole of an upside-down pot that represents the leg of the flower pot person. Tie a knot and pull the cord so that it is flush against the inside drainage hole of the smaller pot that represents the leg.

How do you attach a flower pot to a body?

Repeat on the other side. Place the flower pot person in your garden and then attach the head. You can place the head directly onto the body without gluing it and fill it with soil and flowers. However, if you wish to make your head more secure, glue the head onto the body.

What do you need to make a pot person?

To connect the pots together you’ll need some wire, rope, string or cable ties. The lovely video above by Style Me TV shows how to make a flower pot person with terracotta and rope and our flier below shows how to make a simple plant pot person with garden wire and metal washers. We look forward to seeing your creations! #Settleflowerpotfestival