How do you repair damaged mods in Warframe?

How do you repair damaged mods in Warframe?

1 Answer. You can’t repair damaged mods. Instead, you have to find the normal versions of these mods elsewhere in the solar system. Damaged mods are generally weaker than their non-damaged counterparts, plus they also have less upgrades available.

What does it mean when a mod is flawed in Warframe?

Flawed Mods (previously called Damaged Mods) are weaker versions of preexisting Mods intended for newer players, obtainable primarily during the Vor’s Prize quest. They are identified by visible cracks on the mods’ image as well as the word “FLAWED” in their descriptions.

What do corrupted mods look like?

Corrupted mods can be obtained from the Orokin Derelict using special Dragon Keys to unlock Orokin Vaults located within. They are untransmutable. Visually, they do not have any special distinguishing mark and appear as any other mod of Rare rarity (i.e. gold-colored).

How much do corrupted mods sell for?

Corrupted mods are the way a lot of newer players make plat. They sell for between 15-50p even more if you max them out.

Where can I get serration?

The Spy missions at Earth (Cambria), Venus (Unda), and Mercury (Suisei) all have Serration and Hornet Strike in their C rewards with a decent chance (9%). Practice one of them a bit and you’ll easily be able to get all three data extractions (that’s how you get a spy C reward), no matter what gear you have.

What corrupted mods are good?

Every Corrupted Mod

Mod Cost (Polarity) Description
Anemic Agility 9 (Naramon/–) +90% Fire Rate -15% Damage
Creeping Bullseye 9 (Naramon/–) +200% Critical Chance -20% Fire Rate
Hollow Point 9 (Naramon/–) +60% Critical Damage -15% Damage
Magnum Force 14 (Vazarin/V) +165% Damage -55% Accuracy