How do you style fireplace candles?

How do you style fireplace candles?

If you prefer modern style, you may go for a simple candle display with no candle holders, screens, stands and so on. Buy some pillar candles and place them right in the fireplace – voila! If you don’t want to clean the fireplace and the floor from wax, put your candles on plates or trays.

How do you put a candle holder on the mantle?

A High-Low Effect. For a less expected display, place candlesticks of varying heights on just one side of a mantel. Arrange dishes on the mantel’s opposing side to create a high-low effect with the tall, narrow tapers.

Can I put candle wax in fireplace?

Let the wax cool overnight and use to get your next fire started! We found these worked best using some kindling with the fire starter. NOTE: Only burn these in a wood burning fireplace or in an outdoor fire pit. Do not use in a gas burning fireplace or wood stove.

What is the coolest candle holder?

Best Candle Holder. The outstanding qualities of the magnificent Himalayan salt candle holder can multiple standard salons and bathing facilities. These organic light candle holders are made of 100 percent pure Himalayan Salt and utilize the candle’s heat to enhance the visual brilliance of the house.

How to keep candle from sticking to candle holder?

Fill the bowl with warm water and soak the candleholder for a few minutes. You want to loosen the wax without melting it.

  • Remove built up wax from the candleholder using your fingers and the small pick.
  • Dry the candleholder with the paper towel.
  • Light the fireplace match and hold it near the bottom of the tall candle until it begins to melt.
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    How to use candles in your fireplace?

    “Placing candles in sturdy holders in a clean fireplace is a safe way to light up your home rather than candles spread throughout the house which can be knocked over or forgotten,” the National Fire Protection Association commented via email. 4. Fewer smoke dangers Where there’s more fire, there’s more smoke, and smoke is not good for us.