How Do You Wear Wood Badge beads with a neckerchief?

How Do You Wear Wood Badge beads with a neckerchief?

Wood Badge beads are always worn on a leather thong which is tied in an overhand knot. When worn with a neckerchief, the thong is placed under the shirt collar, followed by the neckerchief; thus the thong is worn under the neckerchief.

What color is the Wood Badge neckerchief?

This BSA neckerchief is a neutral color featuring the Wood Badge tartan patch and signifies that the wearer has successfully completed the Wood Badge leadership training course….General Information.

Product Dimensions 1 1/2″ x 1″
Size No Size

What do the Wood Badge numbers mean?

The letter represents your Scouting region — Western, Central, Southern or Northeast. The number is your area. Then comes your council number (which you can find here), followed by the two-digit year. The final number is added only if a council is offering multiple Wood Badge courses in a single calendar year.

Why is it called Wood Badge?

Much later, Baden-Powell sought a distinctive award for the participants in the first Gilwell course. He constructed the first award using two beads from the necklace he had recovered, and threaded them onto a leather thong given to him by an elderly South African in Mafeking, calling it the Wood Badge.

What is a neckerchief called?

A neckerchief (from neck (n.) + kerchief), sometimes called a necker, kerchief or scarf, is a type of neckwear associated with those working or living outdoors, including farm labourers, cowboys and sailors. A neckerchief consists of a triangular piece of cloth or a rectangular piece folded into a triangle.

How do you tie a neckerchief Scout?

To properly wear the neckerchief, lay the triangle of material out flat with the “wrong” side facing up. Fold the long edge over approximately 1 ½” and continue to fold in flat folds until about 6” of the triangle remains, showing the Cub Scout rank emblem.

What is a Wood Badge in Scouting?

Wood Badge Training Program – Scouting Leadership Scouting Leadership builds on the skills and knowledge gained during proficiency training and the opportunity to have applied this learning in a practical environment. Scouting Leadership comprises On Demand Learning, Face to Face course and a project.

What is the BSA wood badge?

Wood Badge is an advanced, national leadership course open only to Scouting volunteers and professionals. Scouters from Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts, and Explorers, and district and council Scouters all are welcome and belong here.