How hot is Dubai in January?

How hot is Dubai in January?

The typical high temperature in Dubai during January is 24ºC, so it’s great for some winter sun. You’ll want to bring some warmer clothes for the evenings as things do get quite cool, while sea temperatures are around 21ºC. Humidity’s low, while average rainfall’s 11mm over two days with rain.

What is the coldest Dubai has ever been?

2 °C
This can be clearly seen when comparing weather data from the city’s two airports – Dubai International and Dubai World Central. The highest temperature recorded in Dubai is 49.0 °C (120 °F), reached in July 2019, whereas the lowest recorded temperature in Dubai is 2 °C (36 °F).

Is Dubai cold or hot now?

Today’s Weather Weather today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is turning out to be sunny. The visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e. 6 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1015 mb . The daytime temperature is going to reach 28 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 19 °c at night.

Is January a good month to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months, from November to April. January and February see heavy tourist traffic because of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which makes the city come alive. Summer months in Dubai are really, really hot and humid, making it almost impossible to explore the outdoors.

Can you swim in January in Dubai?

You can swim all year round in Dubai In January, the sea temperature is a little cool with around 20°C (68°F) but you can always fall back to one of the many hotel pools that are often heated in winter.

Is Dubai Sunny in January?

Sunshine and rainfall There is a 76% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 24% chance of seeing some clouds, with on average 5mm of rainfall this month.

Is Dubai hot in February?

What’s The Weather Like in Dubai in February? Dubai enjoys a hot desert climate. February is a superb time to visit the city as it is hot and sunny with little rain. Even though the temperatures are getting warmer, it’s much more comfortable than visiting in peak summer where temperatures can reach the mid-40s.

Is it cold in Dubai in January?

Dubai Weather in January: Although January is the coldest month in Dubai, to many people, it will feel like a warm summer day at home, with temperatures averaging 19°C to 20°C, and sometimes as high as 23°C in the afternoon.

Can you swim in Dubai in January?