How is a clinometer used to measure the height of an object?

How is a clinometer used to measure the height of an object?

A clinometer is a fairly simple instrument which is used to measure the angle of a slope. By using the principles of trigonometry, the height of tall objects can be calculated from the angles measured. Someone else should then read off the angle made by the plumb line on the protractor (Z).

How do you use a clinometer in geography?

Pair up with somebody around the same height as you. Find a gradient you want to measure the angle of. You stand at one point with the clinometer, they stand at the other point. Look through the straw and fix your sight on their eye level (or the top of their head if you’re a bit taller than them).

What are the disadvantages of using a clinometer?

The main disadvantage of portable inclinometers is that they do not provide instant information. We would not know any slope movement until someone lowers the inclinometer into the borehole. If instant information is to be recorded, in-place inclinometers should be installed.

How do you use a clinometer?

How Do You Use A Clinometer To Measure An Angle? You will see the scale on both sides of the level clinometer reading “0”. The clinometer should be pointed at the top of the tree. You can record the number from the right-hand scale that corresponds to your line of sight at the top of the tree by using the right-hand scale.

What does job/buisness use a clinometer?

Clinometers are measuring devices that may be used in several different professions. Also known as an inclinometer, the essential function of the device is to determine accurate measurements as they relate to sloping, height and distance. The clinometer is often used in the profession of meteorology, as well as in forestry and surveying.

How do I properly read a clinometer?

Pick a Spot. Pick a spot to measure your object (I measured a telephone pole).

  • Measure Angle. Here’s where we bust out our handy clinometer.
  • Measure Distance.
  • Find Your Eye-height.
  • Draw a Picture.
  • Model As a Triangle.
  • Solve for X.
  • Combine With Eye Height.
  • What is the purpose of clinometer?

    ★ MAIN FUNCTIONS – Measure the HEIGHT and SLOPE of the object.

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