How long can I take nimesulide?

How long can I take nimesulide?

Despite its risk of hepatotoxicity, a 2012 evaluation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) concluded that the overall benefit/risk profile of nimesulide is favourable and in line with that of the other NSAIDs such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, and naproxen provided that the duration of use is limited to 15 days and the …

How do you take nimesulide?

Nimesulide 100mg Tablet is used to relieve pain, inflammation, and fever. Take it with food or milk to prevent upset stomach. Take it as per the dose and duration prescribed by your doctor. Long term use may lead to serious complications such as stomach bleeding and kidney problems.

How harmful is nimesulide?

Nimesulide is an NSAID drug and is safe to use short term. When consumed long-term or in excess, Nimesulide can cause acute renal failure in individuals and can be fatal. Excess use or overdosages can provoke kidney problems or liver damage.

Does nimesulide reduce platelet?

We show that nimesulide (1-100 microM) inhibited platelet aggregation induced by adrenaline (20-200 microM). It also inhibited thromboxane A2 (TXA2) formation by platelets at low concentration (IC50; 1 microM).

Can I take nimesulide empty stomach?

Yes, NIMESULIDE should be preferably be taken with food to avoid an upset stomach. If taken on an empty stomach, it may cause stomach irritation and upset stomach.

Can I take nimesulide and paracetamol?

Together it helps in reducing mild to moderate pain in a shorter duration. NIMESULIDE+PARACETAMOL can be taken with or after the meal. If stomach upset or irritation occurs, it is advisable to take NIMESULIDE+PARACETAMOL with food or milk.

Which is better paracetamol or nimesulide?

Nimesulide was as effective as paracetamol in reducing fever, local pain, and general discomfort. Nimesulide therefore appears to be at least as effective as paracetamol in terms of antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity in children with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and fever.

Can I take 2 Dolo 650 in a day?

Dolo comes in the form of 500 mg, 650 mg and 1000 mg. Mostly, Dolo dosage is calculated and given according to the weight and age of the patient by the doctor….Dosage:

Adults 650 to 1000 mg in every 4 hours which should not exceed 4000 mg per day.
1 to 2 yrs 120 mg in every 4 hours (8.2 to 10.8 kg)

How effective is Nimesulide 100 mg?

Nimesulide 100 MG is a greatly effective painkiller that can reduce joint pain and swelling within a few minutes post consumption. However, the drug must be used sparingly, as it has the propensity to cause a number of side effects.

What are the contraindications for Nimesulide?

Contraindicated in patients with gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcer, severe kidney, liver disease, bleeding disorders, and hypersensitivity. What is the dosage of Nimesulide? The usual dose is 100mg twice a day. Children: 5mg/kg of body weight in 2 or 3 divided doses. How should Nimesulide be taken? It comes as a tablet to take by mouth, with food.

Why was Nimesulide withdrawn from the market?

Due to concerns about the risk of hepatotoxicity, nimesulide has been withdrawn from market in many countries. For the treatment of acute pain, the symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis and primary dysmenorrhoea in adolescents and adults above 12 years old.

What are the side effects of nimesulide and edetate?

Nimesulide may decrease the excretion rate of Dyphylline which could result in a higher serum level. The risk or severity of bleeding and hemorrhage can be increased when Nimesulide is combined with Edetate calcium disodium anhydrous.