How long did 1981 hunger strike last?

How long did 1981 hunger strike last?

With the document in transit to Belfast, Hughes took the decision to save McKenna’s life and end the strike after 53 days on 18 December.

When did Francis Hughes go on hunger strike?

Hughes was involved in the mass hunger strike in 1980, and was the second prisoner to join the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike in the H-Blocks at the Maze prison. His hunger strike began on 15 March 1981, two weeks after Bobby Sands began his hunger strike.

What Irish protester died from a hunger strike in 1981?

Bobby Sands
Born 9 March 1954 Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Died 5 May 1981 (aged 27) HM Prison Maze, County Down, Northern Ireland
Cause of death 1981 Irish hunger strike
Nationality Irish

Who died first in the hunger strike?

During the protest, seven prisoners from the Provisional Irish Republican Army and three from the Irish National Liberation Army starved themselves to death in the hunger strike. The first to die, Bobby Sands, was elected as a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom during his hunger strike.

Where is Francis Hughes buried?

St Mary’s Catholic Church, United KingdomFrancis Hughes / Place of burial

Who were the ten hunger strikers?

Hunger strikes

  • Michael Devine.
  • Kieran Doherty.
  • Francis Hughes.
  • Martin Hurson.
  • Kevin Lynch.
  • Raymond McCreesh.
  • Joe McDonnell.
  • Thomas McElwee.

Who is the burning bed based on?

Francine Hughes Wilson
For more than 12 years, Francine Hughes endured physical abuse at the hands of her husband James “Mickey” Hughes.

What happened in the hunger strike of 1981?

The second hunger strike took place in 1981 and was a showdown between the prisoners and the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. One hunger striker, Bobby Sands, was elected as a member of parliament during the strike, prompting media interest from around the world.

When did Paddy Quinn go on hunger strike?

Irish Republican Army (IRA) joined hunger strike on 14 May 1981 and was taken off the strike on 26 May 1981 when he suffered a perforated ulcer and internal bleeding. Paddy Quinn Irish Republican Army (IRA) joined hunger strike on 15 June 1981 and was taken off the strike on 31 July 1981 by his family after 47 days without food

Was the 1981 Irish hunger strike a safety valve?

Irish deaths by hunger strike transfigured not only the perceived sacrificial victims but, in the eyes of many ordinary people, the cause for which they died. In the case of the 1981 Hunger Strike, the prison conditions could have operated as a safety valve.

Who was the last person to die from hunger strike?

August 20th: Michael Devine died after 60 days on hunger strike. He was 27 years old. Devine was the last prisoner to die as part of these protests. The family of Patrick McGeown agreed to medically intervene to save his life after 42 days on hunger strike.