How many actresses has Imran Hashmi kissed?

How many actresses has Imran Hashmi kissed?

Emraan Hashmi: I have kissed 28 actresses till now – Page 3.

How can I kiss Imran Hashmi?

To be like Emraan, you need to learn that a kiss is not just limited to the lips alone. You should learn how to plant subtle, soft kisses on other parts of her face as well, apart from just the lips. You can kiss her forehead, her ear lobes or her nose too.

Is Emraan Hashmi is a good kisser?

Emraan was actually known in Bollywood for the kiss sequences he had with his leading ladies. He was nicknamed ‘Serial Kisser’ too. He is said to have 20 kisses per film and this was a record in itself.

What is Emraan Hashmi famous for?

He has won praise for films like Murder, Jannat, Gangster, Kalyug, Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai and Awaarapan. Be it Murder or Aashiq Banaya Aapne, films in Emraan Hashmi’s early days in Bollywood saw him lock lips in multiple films. This led him to get the ‘serial kisser’ tag.

Who is the wife of Imran Hashmi?

Parveen ShahaniEmraan Hashmi / Wife (m. 2006)

Hashmi married Parveen Shahani in an Islamic wedding ceremony in December 2006 after a six and a half-year relationship.

Who is Kiss King of Bollywood?

Aamir Khan is the Kissing King of Bollywood: Top 7 Hot lip-lock scenes by Mr Perfectionist!

Who is Kiss King?

The Kiss King is a community-created cosmetic item for all classes. It is a team-colored pointed hat with a white gold-trimmed crown and a bouncy tip, with a piece of mistletoe attached to a ribbon. The Kiss King was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Is Emraan Hashmi a gentleman?

Emraan is rather a one-woman guy, who dated his girlfriend Parveen Shahani for six and a half years before tying the knot. The couple was blessed with a son, Ayaan Hashmi on 3rd February 2010.

What is serial kisser?

The actor, who was labeled a ‘serial kisser’ owing to the number of intimate scenes he had in his films, in an interview said that times have changed and the roles being offered to the actor have also changed. When asked about the term serial kisser , Emraan quipped, ‘Not anymore. I have retired’.

Why is Emraan Hashmi called serial kisser?

Emraan Hashmi is well-known for his willingness to kiss actresses for the sake of filming. Emraan Hashmi is known as the ‘serial kisser’. His films ‘Zeher’,’Jannat’, ‘The Dirty Picture’, ‘Tum Mile’ and others were well-received at the box office. Because those films were giving me a very ‘been there done that’ feeling.

Who is Emraan Hashmi mother?

Maherahh HashmiEmraan Hashmi / Mother
While Hashmi’s father is Muslim and his mother was Christian, Hashmi was brought up as a Muslim and says he is a “firm believer in God”. His mother, Maherrah Hashmi, died on 11 March 2016, Hashmi cancelled one day shoot of his film Azhar, when he got to know about his mother’s demise.