How many cassettes can Soundwave hold?

How many cassettes can Soundwave hold?

three cassettes
A spring-loaded panel inside his chest can be pushed back in increments to allow Soundwave to hold up to three cassettes at once; after one is removed, pressing a button on his back slides the panel forward, pushing the remaining cassettes up and putting the next into position, ready to be removed when his chest door …

What type of bird is laserbeak?

Laserbeak is Soundwave’s surveillance drone. He is a bird-like Mini-Con. He is stored in Soundwave’s chest along with 3 other pet Mini-Cons (Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble). Soundwave sends him on missions that he is usually too busy to do.

How did Soundwave get Laserbeak?

When Soundwave escaped the Shadowzone using Decepticon Hunters brought to him by the Activator Mini-Cons Stuntwing, Trickout, and Goldgear, Laserbeak-who had been reformatted into an Activator Mini-Con as well-was deployed to attack Sideswipe when his master discovered the Autobot while he was hiding.

Why did Laserbeak turn into pink bumblebee?

During one of his attacks, he shape-shifted into a small pink version of Bumblebee (albeit with some parts missing), and met Madeline, who presumably mistook him for the friendly robot. When her parents came in, Laserbeak transformed into his normal self and killed her father.

What is the mileage of Hero Karizma ZMR 2014?

Hero Karizma ZMR [2014] is a bike with the last known price Rs. 1,07,423 in India. It had 1 variant and 4 colours. It had a user reported mileage of 40 kmpl. It came with both front and rear disc brakes. Hero Karizma ZMR [2014] is now discontinued in India.

What is the average mileage of Karizma 2014?

As per ARAI, the average of Karizma 2014 is 48 kmpl. ARAI is a research association under GOI responsible for verifying mileage data for every bike sold in India. BikeWale collects mileage information from bike owners to provide you with the actual mileage that you might get.

What are the features of the Karizma R?

The latest iteration of the Karizma R also gets minor updates to the company’s tried and tested four-stroke SOHC 223cc engine which now produces 19.2bhp of power and 19.35Nm of torque in comparison to the previous version which produced 17.2bhp of power and 18.35Nm of torque.

How fast does the Karizma R go from 0-60 mph?

The motorcycle is now capable of accelerating from 0-60kmph sprint in 3.6 seconds, a 0.2 second faster than the previous model. The new Karizma R is now on sale in the market.