How many children do Atta Mills have?

How many children do Atta Mills have?

John Atta Mills
Political party National Democratic Congress
Spouse(s) Ernestina Naadu Mills (née Botchway)
Children Sam Kofi Atta Mills
Alma mater Achimota School University of Ghana (LLB, 1967) London School of Economics (LLM, 1968) School of Oriental and African Studies School of Law, University of London (PhD, 1971)

How old is Atta Mills?

68 years (1944–2012)John Atta Mills / Age at death

How old is John Dramani?

63 years (November 29, 1958)John Mahama / Age

When was Atta Mills born?

July 21, 1944John Atta Mills / Date of birth

Who was Atta Mills running mate in 2000?

Muhammad Mumuni

Hon. Muhammad Mumuni
President John Atta Mills
Preceded by Akwasi Osei-Adjei
Succeeded by Hanna Tetteh
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When did Aliu Mahama died?

November 16, 2012Aliu Mahama / Date of death

Which day Atta Mills died?

July 24, 2012John Atta Mills / Date of death
John Evans Atta Mills, (born July 21, 1944, Tarkwa, Ghana—died July 24, 2012, Accra, Ghana), Ghanaian politician and scholar who served as president of Ghana (2009–12).

How old is Rebecca Akufo?

70 years (March 12, 1951)Rebecca Akufo-Addo / Age

Is Jerry John Rawlings still alive?

Deceased (1947–2020)Jerry Rawlings / Living or Deceased

Who was President Kufuor vice president?

John Kufuor

John Kufuor GCB
Vice President Aliu Mahama
Preceded by Jerry John Rawlings
Succeeded by John Atta Mills
Chairperson of the African Union