How many TMB Bank branches in Tamilnadu?

How many TMB Bank branches in Tamilnadu?

Get details about Tamilnad Mercantile Bank in Tamil Nadu along with the location of its around 380 branches in the state.

Is TMB a government bank?

The bank has been expanding its footprint all over India. TMB was rated as the fastest growing Private Sector Bank continuously for the five years from 2010 to 2015. It was also rated as the Best Bank in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015, due to its robust growth….Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited.

Type Private

What is the minimum balance in TMB Bank?

Savings Account Minimum Balance Requirements

Savings Account Type Minimum Balance required
Savings (AWB) Savings Account Rural- Rs. 250 (with cheque book), Rs. 100 (without chequebook) Urban- Rs. 500 (with cheque book), Rs. 250 (without cheque book)
Salary SB Savings Account Nil

Is Tamilnad Mercantile Bank a scheduled bank?

The bank initially known as “The Nadar Bank Ltd.” became a Scheduled Bank under the Reserve Bank of India Act onMay 11, 1935. The Nadar Bank Ltd., changed its name to the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd., onNov 26, 1962.

Is TMB bank safe?

The bank transaction system is so safe because of the as per my experience the bank don’t allow to any transction without confirmation of bank account holder or permission of that account holder. This so safe banking of TMB which feel you secure and your online transctions and any other services are so safe.

How can I check my TMB account balance?

Dial 09211937373 from your registered mobile number and give a missed call to the number. The call will also get disconnected automatically after few rings. Within few minutes you will receive an SMS. The SMS contains detailed info about the available balance in the bank account.

Which is the No 1 bank in Tamil Nadu?

1) HDFC Bank If market confidence is a measure of the soundness of a Bank, then HDFC Bank takes the cake.

Is TMB good bank?

Punjab National Bank is an Indian financial services company based in New Delhi, India about 5,000 branches across 764 cities. The bank has been ranked 248th biggest bank in the world by the Bankers’ Almanac.

How can I check my last 5 transactions in TMB Bank?

Dial 09211947474 from your registered mobile number. The call will get disconnected automatically after one to two rings. The bank will send an SMS to your registered mobile number. Check the SMS and you’ll be able to find details about last five transactions.

How do I find my TMB bank user ID?

How to Enable / Unlock TMB eConnect User ID? You can enable / unlock your User ID by sending mail to “[email protected]” by mentioning your User ID and 15 digit account number.